Angel The Dreamgirl – 301 You going to enjoy knowing that your cum in inside me… HD 1080p

I’m looking for a BJ/Swallow vid with a tummy fetish. About 10 minutes long I would guess.

You’re in a business skirt and heels, saying that you’ve just got a few minutes to drain those balls before you both get back to the board meeting. And how much he’s going to enjoy knowing his cum in inside you during your presentation to the board. And show him it’s going to be in your tummy by tracing a line with your finger to your belly at different times in the video.

stripping down to just hose and bra and panties while talking about what’s going to happen. tweaking nipples through the bra, uncovering and showing them. a few peaks at your pussy, tummy rubbing.

For the cum shot, give him a nice target and saying so in advance, that you’re going to open up wide so you get every drop, and tell him to get close to your open mouth when he cums. Some post-cum head and licking, more nipple tweaking.

Then some tracing from your mouth to your tummy with your index finger showing where the cum is.

And then tell him he’s cumming in your pussy after the meeting.

Size: 175.93 MB
Duration: 00:11:11
Video: 1920×1080