Andrea Rosu – Your Friend’s Step-mom HD 1080p

MILF Taboo Mommy Roleplay

(from POV of my step-son) Honey, you seem rather agitated by your predicament: tied up, immobilized, at my whims. I caught you spying on me while in the shower. You’ve been a very naughty boy indeed, and I will need to punish you and get these perverse desires out of your system. Before I continue listening to your pleads, I brought this ball gag to shut you up. Oh…that’s the door bell…I wonder who that could be. Now now, sweet boy, shhhhhhhhh……

(rest of the video is from the POV of my stepson’s friend). Oh, hello, what brings you over? You want to see if my stepson can shoot hoops with you. Unfortunately, he has been…naughty…so he’s grounded. But since you came all this way, why don’t you come in for a lemonade?

While you enjoy that refreshing drink, I could use your opinion. I have a secret to tell you. Now that my boy is older, I have some time on my hands and decided to pursue a long fantasy of mine: to dance at a strip club. You seem shocked. Is it because you don’t see someone my age being successful at this? Oh, that’s not it, is it? Anyway…the boys coming in to my club are probably not much older than you, and I want to make sure I’m…successful. Allow me to show you some of my moves and strip.

Oh, it seems like my moves are successful indeed. Allow me to take care of that for you honey. A woman my age knows how to handle boys.

I crawl over to you, take your hard cock out and begin sucking. Before you explode, I pull back, remove my bra and stroke you to the biggest orgasm of your life.

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