Anastasia Rose: Little Step-Sister Wants Big Gains HD 1080p

From: SSBBW Ivy and Friends

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Anastasia Rose knows how sad you are about your breakup and she’s so happy to be able to give you somewhere to live rent-free while you recover and find a new place. Of course, since it’s her house you have to live by her rules. She doesn’t have any major rules, but the one thing she will require is that you eat and drink absolutely everything she gives you. She’s a great cook, so you’ll definitely enjoy every meal and snack! She knows that all this eating is going to have an impact on your body. You’re going to gain a lot of weight! She can’t wait until you’re pushing 500 pounds or even more. You’re going to get so fat that you’re basically helpless. Not to worry, Anastasia will take care of you. Once you’re so obese you can’t reach your own cock, your hot step-sister Anastasia promises to take care of all of your needs. You won’t have a care in the world. And another rule? Whenever Anastasia wants you she can have you. And all of this talk about fattening you up is getting her so wet. She needs you right now! Anastasia lays back and lets you fuck her while she tells you how massively obese she is going to make you.

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