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You are on holiday and have just arrived at your aunts house. She warmly welcomes you in take you jacket and bag and shows you to your room. You unpack fairly quickly and leave the room to find your aunt obviously checking out herself in the mirror. She is to wrapped up in sizing herself up to notice that you are there. Shortly after she comes to you all worried and needs your opinion now that you are a young man and all. She confesses that your uncle is practically never around because of his job and is almost always out of town. She is also worried that she isnt aging as well as she hoped and is fearful that she looks much older than she is and is worried that your uncle will cheat on her with someone younger and better looking. You reassure her that she looks amazing and that your uncle would be crazy to do anything like that. As she is setting up for dinner you walk up behind her to give her a hand and your crotch accidentally brushes against her ass but instead of being upset she starts rubbing herself on your crotch getting you all hard and worked up. She is very pleased and surprised with your package that is pressed against her so she tells you she is going to go get changed and for you and your hard on to stay put. She arrives back wearing a nurse costume and stockings, She proceeds to give you a strip show, dancing and teasing you making your cock throb even harder for her. Soon she has your cock out and is rubbing it against her warm wet pussy and slowly sliding you inside of her. She rides you over and over till you both are in pure pleasure. Looks like this holiday at aunties is going to be more fun than you could have imagined.

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