Amiee Cambridge and Cory Chase in Stealing Your Husband HD 1080p

From: Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures

“Listen, Amiee. You need to stop fucking my husband!” Cory yells in to the phone. “No! I love fucking your husband!” Amiee replies to her. Cory has a suggestion for Aimee, “We can fight over it! Whoever cums first will get fucked by the winner by a toxic, poisonous dildo!” Cory tells her. “Um, okay… I will come over by 6 :00 tonight,” Amiee tells her. Cory hangs up the phone and she puts on a pair of knee high black boots to match her black bra and thigh highs. “She’s not going to know what hit her! This is going to be so easy! I am going to win this fight,” Cory says to herself. Meanwhile, Amiee grabs a secret, poisonous, butt plug to bring with her as her secret weapon. Amiee goes over to Cory’s house and she meets Cory on her bed; Cory’s husband is standing near them, watching the fight. Cory claims to have more confidence than Amiee but Amiee laughs in her face, as it is clear that Cory isn’t truly confident. Cory grabs Amiee’s tits and she starts to lick and suck on Amiee’s nipples. Amiee doesn’t want to get turned on but her nipples are so sensitive that she gets close to cumming! Cory pushes Amiee down on the bed and she gets on top of her. She grinds her hips on top of Amiee’s pussy. Amiee grabs Cory’s boots and she starts to lick her boots. Cory sits on Amiee’s face and Amiee begins to eat Cory’s pussy out. She secretly shoves the poisonous butt plug in to Cory’s ass hole. Cory can’t help but moan from pleasure! Amiee pinches Cory’s nipples and then she goes back to eating Cory’s pussy like crazy! “Please stop! I am going to cum!” Cory cries out. Amiee keeps eating her pussy until Cory cums hard! Cory falls down off of Amiee’s body and on to the bed. “I’m not done with you yet!” Amiee tells her, as Amiee goes to grab her strap-on dildo. She fucks Cory’s pussy in the doggy style position first, followed by the missionary position. “It feels so good,” Cory cries out as she cums again. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your husband now!” Amiee whispers to Cory, who is now unresponsive on the bed.

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