Amelia Liddell / AmeliaLiddell – TABOO Bathtime Blackmail With Little Bro HD 1080p

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play

“UGH! I can NOT believe Mom is making you bathe me while they’re out. It’s not my fault your dumb ass somehow managed to break BOTH your arms!! Football sign ups? Yeah right! I know you’re just a gross nerd who sits in the basement playing games all day bro. You’re lucky Dad said he’d ground me if I didn’t help, I have a party to go to!!” I start to bathe you, i’m completely grossed out and talk to you throughout, often meanly teasing & making fun of you “Ha! I just had the funniest idea, I bet your twiggy ass busted your arms by jerking your meat too much!! lmao! I wonder what a pervert likes you even gets off too” I start to try to guess what weirds stuff you’re into while mocking you. Eventually you get hard just staring at my huge cleavage, you splashed so much that it’s drenched and you can see my nipples! “Wait…You don’t get off thinking of me, do you??? UGH, you’re disgusting!!!” You tell me if I don’t wash your cock too you’ll tell Dad I didn’t help you at all and he won’t pay me OR let me go to the party! I argue so much but finally I relent to the blackmail. I wash it, completely disgusted, trying not to look at it. I accidentally start stroking it “Jees, if I knew you got this hard from me I’d have treated you a little differently…” I snap out of it and am grossed out again, I tell you to get out of the bath NOW. I start to dry you off, you threaten me again and make me dry your cock too! I close my eyes nd try to get it over with, but you can’t take anymore of your sisters huge wet tits and soapy hands on your cock and you blast a MASSIVE load on my face and tits “WHAT THE FUCK??”

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