Amanda Bryant – Step-Daughter Must Fuck Buzzed Step-Dad & His Friends, POV – Step-Daddy Never Remembers What He Does When He’s Buzzed HD 1080p

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**Starring Amanda Bryant**

A truly disturbing & disgusting family clip…not for the faint of heart!

Step-Daddy was buzzed again. He stumbled in, and the sound of his body slamming up against the walls woke his step-daughter up. Her eyes were wide and scared as they shifted to the two older men that stood beside him. “Um…Step-Daddy, are you dru.nk again?” she asked. “You’re in the wrong room…please, just go away.”

She knew what was about to happen – that he was going to touch her, use her, then forget about it the next morning. “Step-Daddy, you know you never remember that you do these things…” she said desperately. “Rest it off, Step-Daddy, tomorrow you’ll feel much better. It’s nice to meet you guys, but I really want to go back to rest.”

“What do you mean…take my shirt off?” she whined. “Step-Daddy, I don’t want to take my shirt off. You’re my step-dad, you shouldn’t see me with my shirt off, and I don’t want these guys to see. Please, don’t make me…”

But Step-Daddy was persistent…and aggressive. If she didn’t give in, she knew he’d it off himself. “Step-Daddy, why are you so close to me?” she asked, her voice cracking as she tried to hold back the tears. He groped her and she begged him to stop, “Step-Daddy…please don’t be weird.”

“You guys…talk some sense into him,” she looked over at the two men. “I’m his step-daughter! Step-Daddy, I’m your step-daughter, please don’t do this.” She promised to forget that anything ever happened if he went away, but deep down, she knew it wasn’t going to happen. It never mattered how much she begged – things never stopped. “Fine, I’ll take my underwear off…” she sobbed, “but please don’t touch me.”

This time would be different. Not only would she have to please her step-father against her will, but she’d have to touch, suck, and fuck the other two men as he watched. “Step-Daddy, think about how wrong this is…” she pleaded. “I’m your step-daughter and I’m begging you…please stop!”

“Please…please, I’ll forget about it!” she screamed as a stranger cock’s thrusted in and out of her. All three men would degrade and her. Once they were finished, she’d curl up in a ball on the bed and cry herself to rest. She’d feel ashamed and disgusting, her pussy dripping with their cum.

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