Alix Lynx – Behavior Control Chip HD 720p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

Dr. Lynx in newly in charge of the laboratory, and she has no interest in hearing about the lowly scientist’s new micro chip that can change the course of modern medicine. While she is busy being a bitch and threatening his job, he slaps the micro chip onto her chest, taking complete control of her. She has now been converted into an obedient robot and does every single thing she is commanded to do. She obeys his every command from crawling on the floor, to being stripped down and dancing for her Master, and doing exactly as she is told.

Now that the assistant has tested basic control he moves on the testing her sexual obedience. Alix is a very obedient robot for her new master. She is now capable of giving a perfect blowjob, as instructed. After the scientist cums all over Robot Alix, he instructs her to masturbate as she repeats, “Yes, Master. Robot Alix is a horny sex robot programmed to cum for Master.” She stimulates orgasm after orgasm on herself until she is instructed to stop. After this, Robot Alix becomes a personal sex robot. As he fucks her, she repeats, “Yes, Master. Robot Alix is your personal sex robot. Please fuck me. It is my only purpose.”

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