Alison Tyler – Bitch Goes Too Far HD 720p

Having been promoted, Mr. Daemonson finds himself once more dealing with VP Alison Tyler, a ruthless bitch who eats men alive. Alison is determined to push him over the edge. The rumors that he has a bad heart motivated the vicious bitch to steal his medication out of his desk and provoke a merciless confrontation with her intended victim.

Mr. Daemonson tries to be polite and stay calm, but Alison is relentless. Men always break when she goes full bitch on them. She laughs when Mr. Daemonson finally demands that she leave. Even as he drops to his knees clutching his chest, she mocks him. But then he stands up and faces her, and Alison learns Mr. Daemonson’s dark secret…

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Duration: 00:24:24
Video: 1280×720