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The Story Step Mom/ step son pov title: step mother gives into taboo Scene I(2min) Stepmom puts stepson to bed. Naked under her Robe with her cleavage hanging out, she tucks him in and kisses him a few times, saying loving mommy stuff while looking into his eyes and pressing her tits against him. Scene II: outside stepson’s door (2min). Stepmom is up late to use the bathroom and she hears her stepson up. She peeks into his room and finds him jerking off to her bra. She is shocked at first, but grows aroused as she can’t help but watch until he orgasms while calling out for her. She resists her own orgasm, hesitant to give into the taboo and goes back to bed. Scene III(3-5min): Stepmom comes to wake up stepson the following morning. She sits on the bed, lovingly watching her “mommas boy” rest. She hesitates, then peeking under the covers to admire is naked body. To fight her sexual urges, stepmom cleans the room while he ….. , but when she finds her cum soaked bra under his bed, she begins to lose control, sniffing and licking it. She then removes her Robe and puts on the bra to feel the moisture of his cum against her tits. mom slowly reaches under sheets and gently gropes his balls, cupping them in her hands and lightly pulling on them while he When stepson begins to wake, Stepmom removes the bra, puts it back under the bed and covers herself before stepson notices. She kisses him a few times and tells him he should take a shower. Scene IV(outside bathroom door) 1-2min: stepmom peeks on stepson in shower before resisting and going to his room. Scene V(2-3min):stepmom searches stepson’s computer and find stepmom porn. It begins to turn her on, then she finds naked pictures of herself in the shower Son has been spying on her. She leaves when she hears her stepson finish in the shower. Knowing her stepson is attracted to her begins to make mom horny and she starts to push the boundaries. Scene VI(5min): stepmom comes to stepson’s room while he is playing videogames. She wants to cut his hair since they have been stuck inside. Stepmom sits on his lap and cuts his hair. She squirms and pushes her tits in his face. She begins to feel his boner pretends not to notice. Just as things are about to go too far. She finishes haircut and leaves stepson blue balled, mommy has to cool off, I mean shower. Go back to playing your games.” Scene 7 (10min)sex with stepmommy. Stepmom comes to say goodnight, but the heat is out and stepmom wants to s.l.e.e.p together to stay warm. She spoons with stepson and feels his boner grow between her asscheeks She calms him and climbs ontop of him Cowgirl, kissing and offering her nipples before sliding his cock inside her. She slowly grinds him. Passionate slow sex. 69 son so ass is in camera. “Eat mommy out” Finish missionary. Stepson pulls out to cum on tits.Throw lots off fake cum from off screen. Stepson has more cum and shoves creampie deep in mom. Theend

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