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There are things that really go well below the belt. And yet I can’t help it. Because when I see a thick, hard cock standing in front of me, my mind completely breaks down. Now my stepsister was in town with my stepmother. My stepfather was lying on the bed in his underpants. It was obvious that I had to take advantage of that, of course. The tail was blown stiff so quickly, it was impossible for them to come back so quickly. Since I still had time, I rode the hard cock with relish and rubbed my cunt up and down on it. It slipped like crazy. I lost one after the other. My God I was now horny for the sperm. Stepdad goes crazy when sucking. He hadn’t had that in a long time. Then he shoots me a good load of fuck sauce deep in my hot fuck throat. And he keeps splashing. Exactly at this moment the two come back and watch the terrified sperm spectacle. What happened then, however, knocked the bottom out of the barrel. If I wrote this, nobody would believe me anyway.

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