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You come home to your mom reading on the couch. She’s happy to see you because she has some good news for you! Your father is out of town for the weekend visiting his sick mother. You know what that means, boy? It means we can be together again! It’s so hard sneaking around with your nosey father always around! As soon as he told mommy he was going away, my cunt got so wet for you boy! It’s been weeks since you got to taste mommy, so come and lick my cunt, son! You know no one satisfies mommy like you do. Your tongue knows it’s way around my cunt! Now stick it in me boy, I need to feel you inside me again. You missed it, didn’t you? That’s because you belong in my cunt, boy. It’s your home. And I’m tired of having to hide it! Our love is natural, there’s nothing wrong with it! And when your father comes home again, I want you to bend mommy over in front of him and show him what belongs to you!

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