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Addie and her step-brother on are vacation with their parents. Addie isn’t having the best of time because she has to work on her Term Paper. She is really tired, bored plus exhausted and can barely stay awake. Her step-brother comes into their room asking her how things are going. She explains to him that she is trying to write her Term Paper and can hardly stay awake. Her step-brother offers her something that can keep her awake so she can study. She agrees that she needs something and he gives her it, he makes sure she takes the pill plus drinks the liquid that he gives her. He tells her that he’s going to leave and will let her get back to her studying. But little does she know that what he gave her, won’t keep her awake and she will probably pass out for a while, and be in a very deep rest. She keeps studying but doesn’t feel anymore awake than she did before and its actually making her feel even more tired. Her eyes begin to close and she starts feeling weird. She calls out to her step-brother, ”Kevin, this pill is not working”, She starts to feel really weird and Kevin comes back to the room knowing it wouldn’t take long for the pill to kick in. He checks her and lifts up and then drops her arm, it seems very , he then grabs the computer off her lap. Then moves her head and her arms, it seems her body is very like. He is now convinced that she is out, and begins to undress his step-sister. He first takes her shirt off, this is a little difficult for him because he has to balance her upper body in order to take her shirt off. She then falls to her side where her begins to remove her bra.

He then continues to undo her shorts, He says to himself in a perverted way, ”I’ve been wanting to see this for a while.” he turns her to her side and manages to pull off her shorts, as her sleepy body lays there he undresses himself and then comes back to the bed. He checks her to see if she is still out and grabs her wrist and begins moving it back and forth and then finally drops her arm down. To be completely sure she is still out he smacks her on the face a few times and pick up her leg and drops it a few times on the bed and it bounces back up by itself. And then checks both of her eyes, He is now certain she is not going to wake up. The first thing her perverted step-brother does is opens her mouth and begins to put his penis inside of her mouth moving it in and out, then smacks his dick on the side of her cheek a few times, puts his dick in her mouth a little more. He is now 100% convinced that she is in a deep rest. So he positions her body to a place where he can spread her pussy, spits on he hand, rubs the spit on his dick and inserts his penis inside of her. He starts to fuck he and her tits start moving back and forth. He then grabs her arm to move her and flip her over, he wants to fuck her from behind. He spreads her ass and pussy apart, spit lubes of his dick and then sticks it in again, and begins to pound her from the back, and smacks her on the ass and her ass cheeks begin to jiggle.

He then grabs her are and drops it and proceeds to fuck her from behind, he is now really going to town on her, and she is taking it all not even knowing what is going while she rests. Her step-brother gets bored with this so he goes to his bag and grabs a few anal toys from it. He says to himself, ”I brought these just for you step-sis” and brings over a white towel with a few pink butt plugs in it. He begins to lube the first smaller one up and then puts it in her butthole. He says, ”Wow, that kinda slipped in there easy.” He moves her again then grabs her arm that this is hanging off the bed and drops it, its was completely. He now positions her so he can fuck her from behind while the small butt plug is inside of her ass. He is just having a field day with his step-sister fucking her from behind. But he isn’t done yet and wants the put the bigger butt plug inside of her ass. So he pulls out the small plug, and looks at it then says, ”My step-sis is a pretty clean girl.” He wants to see if she can now take the larger butt plug, so he lubes it up, and begins to put it in her ass. She then flinches a little as he sticks in her ass. But the 2nd larger butt plug slips in very easily as well. Kevin says to himself, ”I think she has been lying, haha that one kinda slipped in easy too”.

Its difficult for him to stick his dick in her again because the bigger plug is taking up more room down there, but he manages to get it in. And starts to fuck her again, but now he takes long and deep strokes until decides to flip her into sideways missionary position. It makes it a little more difficult for him to put his dick in her, but he manages to finally get it in a begins going to town on her again, as her and sleepy like body just jiggles and moves around freely. Kevin just cant make up his mind and begins to drag her body into the missionary position, He is now getting tired of moving her around. He checks her arms, head and opens her eyes again for the last time. And then opens her mouth and then closes it. And then he proceeds to fuck her in the last position, fucks her for a little while and then grabs her head and kisses her in a very creepy way. Starts fucking her again while grabbing her wrists as they flail back and forth. He has to move her body again because it almost starts to fall off the bed.

He once again inserts his penis into her, but this time he starts really going hard and fast and pounding the out of her pussy, her tits and body are now bouncing like crazy. He is fucking he so he can get off. When he is ready to bust his nut he quickly jumps up and moves to her face where he covers her face with his thick white load, especially her lips and all over her mouth and nose. He is like a precision fly fisherman with the way he slings his string like and thick load all over her face, after it was pretty hot to him that he was able to fuck his own step-sister so his load had been building up waiting for her. He was not done, he had to now clean up the mess he had just made all over his sisters face, and begin to put her clothes back on her and have her dressed before she woke up. This was more difficult for him to do than it was to take her clothes off, he struggle to do it but manages to get her all dressed back up. And then positions her to the way she was while she was on her computer, he even puts the computer back on her lap. Then gets himself dressed and get out of the room before she wakes up.

Addie finally wakes up minutes later, and is a little dazed at first, she is wondering what time it is as she realized she has been for some while now. She calls out, ”Step-Mom, Step-Dad…..Kevin…….god nobody is here” and then moves the computer off her lap and realizes her ass kind of hurts. She sits up and takes her shorts off to get ready for bed, and then reaches her hand around to her butt to realize there is a Large Butt plug in her ass. She says, ”What is that, what is that” and then painfully pulls it out, she is now shocks and drops it onto the bed. She now begins to freak out and panic while she quietly yes out with fear, ”What happened …What the fuck…. What the fuck!”

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