Tegan Mohr, Victoria Verve – Timestopped: Girlfriend & The Cop

Tegan is hanging out with her boyfriend, Brock and they can’t figure out what to do with their night, Tegan keeps trying to convince him to take her out, so Brock timestops her and starts to have a little fun.

He poses her slightly, then restarts time. Tegan thinks she must be getting ill, as she doesn’t know how she changed, but Brock insists that it is nothing, he timestops her again and sets her up playing with her pussy then restarts her, she is more and more convinced that something is wrong, so he stops her again and starts to fuck her frozen face.

With his cock in her mouth, he restarts time and Tegan quickly realizes what is happening, she runs to the phone to call the police but Brock stops her mid call, he assures the police that it is just a prank and hangs up.

Brock starts to strip Tegan and puts her on her knees and starts to slide his cock in and out of her timestopped face, there is a knock at the door, and Brock lays Tegan down on the ground on all fours and goes to see who it is.

A sexy lady cop is at the door, checking out the situation, she insists she come in and talk to his girlfriend, but he tells her that she is out, the police officer explains that she can’t leave until she checks the place out, Brock reluctantly lets her in.

The cop is alarmed to see the frozen girl on all fours, and asks what is wrong with her. Brock explains that it isn’t a girl, but a coffee table and insists she sit down and put her feet up. The cop sits on the couch and rests her feet on the frozen Tegan table, then Brock timestops the cop and starts to strip her.

He sets Tegan on top of the cop, and starts to fuck Tegans face again, then fucks her till he cums. Then he gets up and leaves the girls posed there while he goes out.

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