Tatiana Petrova – Having On Blindfolds, Married Step-Sister Freaks Out When She Sees She Just Fucked Her Step-Brother! HD 720p

She was supposed to go home after her parent’s anniversary, but it got too late and her parents didn’t want her to drive after she’s had a few. They suggested she could stay in the guest room, and her step-brother, too; the bed is large enough. And after all, step-bro and Tatiana have stayed in the same bed many times when they went on vacation. Tatiana’s step-brother didn’t feel like going home. He had broken up with his wife and now lived in a tiny apartment; so tiny, that he said he does not even dare to invite female friends over, so he has lived “celibate” now for months. His wife was a real bitch. They go to bed, she puts on her eye shades as the room is not dark enough for her. A couple hours later, she feels a hand touching her. She reams she is at home, and it is her husband. She is very sensitive to his touch, and when he plays with her breasts and her nipples she wakes up and shivers. Tatiana knows what he wants, thinking it’s her husband. He touches her pussy. She gets wet. He can’t rest when he is horny. So Tatiana decides to be nice and offers him a quick blowjob. He doesn’t say anything. Tatiana grabs his cock. Oh my, “Hubby” is really hard, and really big tonight. She keeps her eye shades on, hoping it will make it easier for her to go back to rest after she’s pleasured him. She starts sucking on his dick, using her usual techniques. Tonight, he cums very fast. He pushes her head down on his cock while he shoots his hot cum in her mouth. It’s a lot. Some drips out of her mouth before she can swallow it. Him being so hard and cumming unusually fast made her really wet and horny. Now she wants something, too! She mounts him, wondering how and why his dick is that big and hard tonight. He fills up every little ripple of her still tight but now very wet pussy. She rides him slow first, then harder and faster. Her big tits are bouncing as she feels the orgasm building up inside her. She screams when she cums. It’s one of the most intense orgasms she’s ever had. She can hardly catch her breath. She is very hot now, and so awake that she doesn’t need the eye shades anymore. She takes them off and looks at the cock that is still inside her pussy. But what is this? Her hubby is Latino. This is a white dick! She looks up. OMG. Her step-brother! She just fucked and blew the cock and swallowed the cum of her step-brother! What an asshole! Why didn’t he tell her! He is never going to believe that she though he was her hubby. She’s totally embarrassed and humiliated. SHE JUST FUCKED HER STEP-BROTHER!

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