Veruca James

Veruca James, Jasmine Wolff – Change in Upper Management HD 720p

Jasmine sits on Veruca’s desk while the two go over the budget. Veruca talks to Jasmine about cutting her budget, maybe cutting back on her expense account. Jasmine laughs about how that is not going to happen. She knows Veruca doesn’t mind letting her use the company credit card for whatever she wants since she does it too. Instead she tells Veruca she plans to fire “what’s his face” she has been writing him up for pretty much any thing she can think of so firing him won’t be a problem since he has been with the company longer than both of them put together, they’ll just hire someone new at half the salary. They toast each other and laugh “so long to what’s his face.” Jasmine’s attempt to fire “what’s his face” causes a very dramatic change in the company management.

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Veruca James – Step-Sister’s Confession HD 720p

From: Primal’s Taboo Family Relations

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Part 1

– Veruca is visiting her big step-brother to congratulate him on finally divorcing the frumpy bitch who was stifling his adventurous spirit. Recently divorced herself, Veruca tells her step-brother that her heart was never fully with her ex-husband. Her ex never compared to someone else that she’s always adored and looked up to. Her best memories are with this person, and her step-brother knows him very well. Big step-brother tells her the mystery man is a fool not to notice a gorgeous woman like Veruca. Talking about how comfortable and happy they’ve always been with each other as siblings, Veruca asks why they couldn’t date. Not taking her seriously, big step-brother takes a big swig from his glass as they both some laughter. But then Veruca reveals the truth. The truth about how she used to watch him with his girlfriends, envious of how he fucked them. Before he can react, Veruca pounces, pinning him to the couch as she finally kisses him after all these years of longing. Pent-up desire is rapidly brought to fruition as Veruca delights in finally feeling her big step-brother’s cock inside of her after a lifetime of yearning.

Part 2

There’s a knock on the door, but it’s not room service. Veruca hurries into the hotel room, taking big step-brother by surprise. He’s shocked to see her. He’d left a note on her pillow saying that he had to go on a business trip. She rushed to find him, feeling abandoned after their intense night of passion. She knows what she wants, but she senses her step-brother may be having second thoughts. Veruca wraps her arms around him and talks about how she could be that one woman who cares for him. The one he wakes up to in the morning. They kiss, but he stops to ask her if she’s sure. Veruca tells him she’s never been more sure about anything in her life. They fuck long into the night, Veruca cumming again and again on big step-brother’s cock. She begs him to fill her pussy with his cum. As it drips out of her freshly fucked pussy, she’s elated to finally feel such a sensation after years of fantasizing. She turns to him and asks him to promise that he and his dick belong to her now.

Part 3

It’s not even dawn when Veruca’s step-brother awakes to find her luscious lips wrapped around his dick, her big, beautiful eyes looking back with passion. She uses her fingers to tease him, and she plants little kisses all over. Her tongue dances over every inch of his hard cock, savoring every little lick. When he fills her mouth with cum, she lets it drip down his dick just so she can lap it back up. Before she hits the road, Veruca tells big step-brother to have a good business trip. She looks forward to seeing him back at home…
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Veruca James – Rival’s Wife Under the Influence HD 720p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

Veruca answers the door, and her husband’s business partner walks in. Veruca is surprised to see him, but she invites him to sit on the couch. She asks what’s going on, and the business partner tells her the business is failing, leaving him with some difficult decisions to make about whether or not he should withdraw is funding. Veruca is unsure why she is being told this. He tells her that she must be aware of this serious situation and how it may affect her and her husband. He tells her that he has always found her so attractive, and that she could help the situation without her husband needing to know. This goes on for sometime with Veruca looking very uncomfortable and insisting she is not that kind of woman. He tries to touch her breasts through her top, but she pushes his hand away. Every time he touches her, she removes his hand. In her distraught state, the business partner offers to get a glass of water. Veruca thinks it tastes funny, to which the business partner suggests she buy water filters. She says it was on her to-do list. He tells her, “The only to-do you have to worry about is what I want you to do.” She tells him that she can’t do this sort of thing, but he replies that she won’t even remember. Already she is beginning to forget.
“You’re under my control now, so you’re going to do what I say. And you’re going to answer some questions for me, aren’t you now?” he rhetorically asks. Veruca agrees in her daze. She admits that her husband hasn’t been able to satisfy her, and the business partner offers to pick up the slack for her husband once more. Reluctantly, she agrees to let him watch her masturbate through her panties. As she masturbates, she answers his questions about how her husband is failing to satisfy her sexual needs. She admits that she fantasizes about other men with bigger cocks that would have what it takes to please her. The business partner encourages Veruca to remove the clothing that is covering up her beautiful figure, running his hands all over.

They talk more about her husband’s sexual failures and pitfalls as she resumes masturbating. She tells him that she fantasizes about taking a cock so big that she’s not even sure if she can take it. Suddenly, Veruca realizes what she is doing, feeling very uncomfortable. The business partner tells her that they’re not done talking, telling her the financial consequences of not continuing. He calms her down with the glass of water from earlier, and Veruca is again thinking about how badly she wants a real cock, not her husband’s sad, little one. He says he knows what she really wants and pulls out his dick. She is hesitant if what she is doing is okay, but he reassures her that it’s alright. She’s so happy to be sucking a real, big cock instead of her husband’s, but she’s concerned about not being faithful to her husband. But the business partner encourages her, and she realizes, “He wouldn’t want me to let the business fail.” As she sucks his dick, he tells her that her husband should be happy for her to finally be satisfied, if he was any sort of a real man.

He pushes her back down on the couch and tells her to take her panties off, pointing out how easy it is for her to listen when a real man tells her what to do. He starts eating her soaking wet pussy as she moans and continues describing her husband’s “tiny, useless cock.” As she cums, she gasps, “I shouldn’t; but I can’t stop!” He uses his fingers to make her cum again, squirting all over the sofa. When the business partner finally puts his cock inside her pussy, she moans, “That’s what a cock is supposed to feel like!” She tells him how much she loves his big cock as they fuck until her pussy is dripping with his cum. She is utterly delighted to be filled with cum, and he reminds her one more time that when she wakes up, she won’t remember any of this.

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Veruca James – Reverse Psychology. Three Sessions HD 720p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

Dr. Veruca James is the Chief of Psychiatry at the therapy center where a patient has been called back to go over his previous sessions. Because hes previous Dr Dillion as left the practice and…moved on to other career options…Dr. Veruca has decided to review all of her cases. She has found that it looks like Dr Dillion’s last patient was cleared to go back to work after mandatory sessions regarding “misogynistic” behavior.

Dr Veruca wants to interview the man herself, and make sure that “he knows his place” and that he understands that “she is the one with the power. She decides to put him under and train him to understand that women can be superior to men. But, things don’t work out as she assumed

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