Verta, Dixie Comet / Tina Lee Comet – Innocent Church Girl Magically Transformed Into Cocksucking Whore HD 1080p

From: That Kinky Girl

Dixie and Nate are a vaguely evil couple who are quite bored. It seems they have been without a plaything for awhile and things have grown stale. Suddenly the doorbell rings and as luck would have it, young Verta has come to their door to ask if they’ve heard the good news. “You know, the good news about Jesus.” she asks. Dixie replies that she would love to hear about Verta’s “good news” but before Verta can continue, Dixie mesmerizes her with the enchanted bracelet she is wearing and puts her deep in a trance. Verta’s eyes begin to glow because she is now completely under Dixie’s control.

“You don’t need this silly religious stuff anymore.” Dixie tells her as she takes away her bible and sets it down. “Instead I will teach you how to be a good little slut, now why don’t you take off those silly clothes.” Verta strips down naked out of all her clothes as the devilish couple admire her previously covered body. Dixie then has her masturbate for them before finally ordering her down on her knees to suck on her husband’s cock. As Verta takes immediately to the hard cock thrust into her face, Dixie has one last bit of fun by having Verta call her step-mother and tell her that she’s a whore now and sucks cock for money. Then as Verta gets a huge load all over her face she smiles blankly, ready for her new life as mindless fuck toy for a couple of black magic creeps.

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