Veronica Chaos

Veronica Chaos – Welcome Home, Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester finally arrived back to the Addams’ mansion after a long absence, but with severe amnesia. The rest of the family is understanding, but Wednesday is suspicious that it’s not her uncle at all, but an imposter. She confronts him in order to “help” him regain his memories, by recounting and recreating the flithy games they used to play. She orders him to take out his dick and taunts him that the REAL Uncle Fester loved playing with her. It’s not clear if the man that claims to be her uncle is real or not, or even if she’s lying about the “games” they used to play, but one thing is certain – he looks just like her Uncle Fester and she’s more than ready to tell him what to do until she makes him cum all over her pale face.

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Veronica Chaos – Your New Stepmom HD 720p

I know you’re not used to me living here yet, but I’m your stepmom now and you have to start treating me like family! That means no more spying on me while I’m in the shower, or changing in the bedroom. Yes, I know that you’ve been peaking. Don’t deny it…or do these tits not ring a bell? You’re lucky I’m a cool stepmom and won’t tell your father. I’m just nervous about you going off to college so unprepared though…it’s obvious you have no idea how to handle yourself around women. Let me show you how it’s done, for your own good. Don’t worry, you naughty boy; mommy will teach you everything you need to know.

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