Shauna Skye

Shauna Skye – Blackmailing My Pregnant Step-Sister HD 720p

From: Primal’s POV Family Lust

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Part ONE – Shauna Skye – A Helping Hand – My step-sister has always been a slut, and sure enough here she is moving back home, pregnant, single, and what do you know, skinny dipping in the back yard. I have heard her masturbating at all times during the day. It is driving me crazy; the least she can do is help me out. I get her to finally give in and jerk me off, but once she has my dick in her hand she starts teasing me until I am really aching. Finally she lets me blow my load, but I think she wasn’t doing it like that to “teach me a lesson” like she said. I think she liked having my cock in her hands.

Part TWO – Shauna Skye – Controlling My Step-Sister’s Orgasms – She is totally at it again. I guess it’s true about pregnant girls being insanely horney. I have probably listened to her cum like 4 times already today. I can’t take it anymore. I go in and take her vibrator away. We argue, but I mention telling step-dad about the boys she has had over. Of course it isn’t true, but who will step-dad believe? But I do offer to use her vibrator on her if she jerks me off again. She gives in and gets soooo horny. I start stopping and starting the vibrator to see how she likes payback for out by the pool. Then I tell her she doesn’t get to cum unless she sucks my cock. She gets mad, but she’s too worked up to stop. She cums with her lips wrapped around my dick, and then I do too, filling her mouth. She is pretty pissed, but I feel like it was fair.

Part THREE – Shauna Skye – Caught Red Handed – I knew she would finally show her true colors. There she is, stealing money from step-dad’s nightstand, planning on running away most likely. This time I have her, and I can’t believe what it feels like to fuck her. She cums so hard, it almost crushes my cock. It is the hottest, wettest pussy I have ever felt. There is no way I am settling for a hand or mouth again now that I know what pregnant pussy feels like!!!! And now I can see my horny slut step-sister is going to be much more willing now that she knows my cock makes her cum so hard.
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