Sharon White

Sharon White – My Stepmom Has Me In Checkmate HD 1080p (2023)

Sharon White is in the mood so she takes some naughty selfies and sends them to her stepson, Sam Bourne. Sam wakes up to those half naked photos and goes to the living room to confront his lovely stepmommy. Sharon coaxes him into giving her the D by reminding him that she holds all the cards in their relationship. As she talks, she keeps her boobs out to further entice Sam.

What can Sam say in the face of such a determined and hot younger stepmommy? When Sharon gets on her knees, Sam dives in face first to eat that pussy like a good little stepson. In return, Sharon goes for Sam’s cock to suck him down. She shows off those deep throat skills and then goes for the real hardcore treat.

Kicking things off, Sharon rides the D in cowgirl. Then she turns around for some reverse cowgirl action. Wanting Sam to take some initiative, Sharon gets on her knees and urges him to do her in doggy. When Sharon rolls onto her back, Sam finally gives her the orgasm she’s been jonesing for. In return, Sharon goes on her belly to stroke Sam off until he delivers a facial that proves he had a good time with his stepmom, too.

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Sharon White – Stepsons Sticky Socks – S17:E6 HD 1080p (2022)

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Sharon White is doing laundry, but when she goes to her stepson’s bedroom to grab his clothes she realizes that his socks are sticky and full of cum. She could let it go, but instead Sharon decides to confront Raul Costa. She waits until Raul is at home and then comes to his door. Raul is in the middle of masturbating with yet another sock and some porn when Sharon walks in. Raul tries to kick Sharon out and tell her that she’s not his mother, but that’s kind of the point. Sharon tells Raul that she has a better place for his cum.

Reaching out to pull the comforter back, Sharon pops Raul’s hardon out from where he has attempted to hide himself. She tugs the sock off and then pulls Raul’s hardon nice and close so she can open wide and start sucking. Seeing his hot stepmommy on her knees with his cock in her mouth is about the hottest turnon imaginable for Raul, who can’t find it in himself to tell her to stop. When Sharon rolls onto her back and tugs her thong aside so Raul can eat her timed twat out, he demonstrates that he is an obedient stepson and dives face first into her muff.

Sharon wants Raul to fuck her and she’s not about to take no for an answer. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to beg too hard before Raul lifts her thigh out of the way to open her up so he can shove himself into her greedy cooch. In return, Sharon gets Raul onto his back so she can ride him in cowgirl with her enhanced titties swaying in his face. Turning around, she continues to go for it in reverse cowgirl. Raul keeps their party going by giving it to his step mom in cowgirl, but by the time he brings Sharon off again he’s ready to nut. That’s just what Sharon wants! Laying on her back, she opens wide to take a facial of Raul’s big pop.
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