Raquel Roper

Lady Fyre, Raquel Roper – Naughty Nurses Keep You Immobilized HD 1080p

You must still be so groggy from your surgery, and that’s just perfect. I know this is probably confusing for you. You’re just another in a long line of our victims. We’ve been working together on the surgical ward for a long time, and we discovered that we have the same fetish: taking advantage of immobilized men. Here, just take a few deep breaths – enough gas to keep you compliant, but not too much. I don’t think you’ll mind too much being under our control. Your cock is already hard. Here, let me just ride that thing… you know you love it. Oops! I think I popped one of your stitches.

If you try to tell on us when you wake up, we’re going to do a lot more than ride your cock, and you’re not going to like it. Maybe we’ll just schedule for a little “elective” surgery. When you wake up, you might not even know whether this really happened or if it was just a dream. So we’re going to make sure you get a good night of rest. Nurse Raquel tends to overdo it with the anesthesia, but no worries, she’s banging the guy in the morgue. So even when “mistakes” happen, we still get away with it. Nighty night. Maybe we’ll see you tomorrow… or maybe we won’t.
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Raquel Roper – The Family Fertility Doctor: POV Latex Glove HandJob HD 720p

From: Raquels Fellatio Fantasies

Doctor Raquel is preparing you for your annual physical. This year seems to be a little different than the others.. Dr. Raquel explains she needs to assess your manhood, and make 100% sure that everything is in working order. She needs to drain you, and check your sperm count. Who would have thought the family doctor you have been seeing for years would be making you feel this good! This appointment is definitely not like any other that you’ve had with your family doctor. She strokes you, slowly working out all of your precum.. Preparing you by massaging your balls, being sure she gets a proper evaluation of your fertility. Collecting your semen in a testing cup.. She tastes your cum, checking to be sure you are indeed a TRUE man. You have passed the tests, as she licks her lips clean and gives you her seal of approval.

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