Rain DeGrey

Penny Barber, Rain DeGrey – Miss Barber Convinces Your Step-Mom To Blow You HD 1080p

I’m here to see your step-mother, Rain, to discuss your declining performance in school. I want to share with her a secret that many moms have been discovering about how oral sex leads to good grades and better attitudes. I explain to Rain that if your education is important to her she needs to be sucking your cock regularly! Your step-mom is willing to do whatever it takes to get her step-son back on track so I help the two of you sort out some agreements about what behavior merits reward head. Of course, in order to really motivate you, it is important you know exactly what you can look forward to once you bring back that stellar report card. I help guide Rain as we take out your cock for the first of many good boy blowjobs.

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Penny Barber, Rain DeGrey – Step-Mom Spanks Maid Then Sucks You Off HD 1080p

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I knew it was risky to fool around with my employer’s step-son and absolutely foolish to try anything when she is home. If she did not want me to tease you then your step-mom probably should not make me wear this slutty french maid outfit. I can barely move in this thing without showing you my ass, so I can hardly be blamed here.

I was mortified to have your step-mom walk in on us but I never thought she would bend me over, lift up my skirt and spank me. I thought smacking my poor bottom was more than enough pain and humiliation but then she made me strip so she could poor hot wax all over my bare tits right in front of you. As she lectured me during my punishment I realized she was not just mad, she was jealous. So you got to see me get spanked and I had to watch your step-mom suck your dick to prove it still belongs to her.
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