Nova Cane

Nova Cane – Step-Daddy’s Immoral Sexual Cravings – Sex w/ Young Step-Daughter, POV HD 1080p

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**Starring Nova Cane**

This is an intense clip – one that gives into your most immoral & forceful temptations.

“Hi, Step-Daddy,” Nova said nervously as you walked into her bedroom. “Where’s Step-Mom?” The look on your face gave her an unspoken response – it was one she knew all too well…one that gave her the sinking feeling in her stomach. “She didn’t leave again, did she?” she continued. “I don’t like it when Step-Mommy leaves.”

And she had a good reason to feel that way. The things you did to your step-daughter when your wife was out were perverted, disgusting, and immoral…but you couldn’t help it. You had so many unfulfilled sexual urges and cravings, and touching your young, step-daughter’s body satisfied them – it made them go away.

“I don’t want to take my clothes off this time,” Nova tried to say with confidence, but then backed down. “Are you…going to make me take my clothes off? I don’t want to.” She pouted, but she knew she had no choice. “But you’re not going to touch me this time, right?” she asked. “Is that enough?” She sat in front of you with her knee-high socks and underwear still on, but she knew she’d have to take those off, too.

“Step-Daddy, no…no…you said you weren’t gonna…Step-Daddy, stop,” Nova whined as you touched her beautiful, perky tits. “When’s Step-Mommy gonna be back?” Her brown eyes widened in horror as your fingers slipped inside of her, “Step-Daddy, I don’t want to be touched there.” She was scared, letting out soft moans, but that only turned you on more.

You needed this – it was the only thing that got you off anymore. Your tongue flicked against her trembling body, and you pulled down your pants to expose your hard cock. “We always do this – why do we always have to do this?” she asked innocently. “Be easy, be gentle. Wait, wait!” You shoved yourself inside of her and she grunted in pain, twisting and turning, but you didn’t stop. You were forceful and aggressive as you penetrated her – her young, tight pussy wrapped around your cock.

“Did you do that thing again?” Nova asked after sliding her fingers against the cum on her pussy. “It’s always sticky…I don’t like this – I don’t like how it feels.” She frowned, put her head down, then headed to the bathroom to clean up before Step-Mom came back home.

This clip includes: Nova Cane, step-dad/step-daughter, POV, step-mom left & now step-daddy goes inside his young step-daughter’s bedroom, she can already tell what is about to happen, “Where’s Step-Mommy?”, she is scared, she begs step-dad not to touch her again, step-daughter doesn’t want to get undressed but step-dad makes her, stripping, virtual tit groping, perky tits, virtual fingering, “Don’t touch me there”, crying, whining, screaming, begging, pleading, finger-fucking, virtual pussy eating, pussy licking, sex, virtual sex, step-dad is so forceful and aggressive that it hurts his step-daughter, missionary, doggystyle, simulated creampie, cum in pussy, young girl, brunette, , forceful, fauxcest, older man, step-daddy’s girl, POV sex
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