Nina Elle

Nina Elle, Sarah Vandella – The Fantasy HD 1080p

Holden invented a mind control device and decides the best way to test it is to call a couple beautiful pros and ask them to look into the device. Within second their minds are going blank, without thinking they strip off their clothing and dress up just how master wants as they moan out their desires to serve and worship him. All that matter in this world is his pleasure. They are his fuck toys. His sex slaves.

Wearing protective goggles Holden reenters the room to see just how submissive his test subjects are and they instantly swarm him. Their hands roaming all over his body as they take turns kissing him. He lays back as they strip for him showing off their perfect stripper bodies. They climb on him, begging him to play with their big fat titties, feeding them to him as the other takes out his cock. They’re SO turned on by him he makes them cum just from sucking on their nipples.

They tell him how he deserves to be pampered like this all day, everyday. Two submissive fucktoys with big fake tits, here to bring him pleasure whenever he wants. They wrap those big fake tits around his cock to show him just how much pleasure they can provide him. They take his cock deep down the back of their throats eager to prove their worth to him, desperate to earn their place as his personal sex slave. They want it so bad they beg, beg for his cock, beg for his cum. The device seems to be a success.

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Nina Elle – The Nina-Bot 2000

Intro: (first minute or so) You are coming in for a therapy session with me but end up getting by me andcalling me Master from then on. I then begin easily commanding you to say dirty things such as:

“I deservea lollipop “

“I’ve been a good girl”

“Please.. Please give me a lollipop”

“I want that cream filling”

Then you do a POV blowjob with more dirty talk such as:

“I want to please you, Master”

“I want your cum, Master!”

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Nina Elle – MOMMY GOT CAUGHT HD 1080p

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Cheating housewife Nina Elle sneaks outside to talk to her secret lover on the phone and whispers quietly not to wake up her step son Tyler Nixon who is resting in the house. With the outside noise being too loud for her to hear, she takes the chance of going back in the house to continue her cell phone sex-capades. She sits on the couch and spreads her legs, touching her soft pussy in between her panties as she gets riled up sexually, anxious to fuck her lover’s big cock this weekend. Nina’s horniness gets the better of her and Tyler hears her moaning from afar and takes out his phone to record his step mother in the act. Finally he has enough proof to kick her to the curb once and for all.

Tyler jumps out of nowhere scaring the hell out of Nina and calls her out on her adulterous actions. She denies everything and claims Tyler has no proof that she did anything wrong. But Tyler is smart and backs up his evidence before Nina tries to erase the incriminating proof. She becomes helpless, knowing she’s caught in a corner she can’t get out of and in desperation, she tries to coax Tyler into fucking her for his silence. Tyler doesn’t fall for her slutty tricks and refuses to engage in any sexual activity with his mom but she busts out her massive tits and begs Tyler to touch them making him completely vulnerable like a dog in heat.

Tyler drops on his knees motor boating Nina’s huge tits and pinches her pink nipples as she demands that he calls her mommy and has him swear she won’t say a peep to her husband. At this point Tyler is blinded by Nina’s milfy sex drive with his stiff erection bursting out of his jeans. She takes a hold of his cock and strokes it with her hands and mouth, gagging on his shaft as he idolizes her soft, plump ass. They 69 as Tyler tongue fucks Nina’s pussy while she continues to gag and worship his cock until she sits on his cock and rides his boner enthusiastically. Her inner thighs slam Tyler’s cock as she reverses herself and rides his baloney pony until his groin cannot resist her tight pussy and explodes his hot jizz over her face!
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