Missy Luv


Your poor step-daughter Missy is heart-broken. She thinks that nobody loves her so, just to get some attention, she shares naked photos on social media. When you learn about this, you scold and this is when she admits that her boyfriend broke up with her. The reason? She didn’t know how to give a head. You feel sorry for the girl, so you decide you teach her a thing or two so she doesn’t get into this situation again.

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Nata Ocean, Missy Luv, Shalina Devine – Step-Mom Knows Best HD 1080p

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If you are constantly surrounded by hot women, that makes you kinda crazy sometimes… Especially if starting anything with them is also kind of a taboo. Having said that… When your stepmother looks that hot, and your step-sister is still an innocent virgin. Oh boy… You have to have the will of iron… Your step-mom does not like it at all when you perv out on them at all… But what can one horny guy do? You are just flesh and blood!

You caught your girlfriend Missy kissing her best friend. Your step-mom Shalina wants to help with the situation but she just makes everything more difficult for you. Especially hiding your huge boner in front of them.
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