MissTiff – Mommy knows best HD 720p

You over heard your daughter (who’s basically a younger doppelganger for yourself) had turn down a foreign classmate’s advances and you decide to educate her on her and your place in life as complete whores and sluts for interracial cock. How these cocks are completely superior to both of you and there’s nothing you can do to resist them. Anything they ask of you, no matter how nasty or degrading, you both will desperately, completely willing and enthusiastically do. Instruct your daughter to call her classmate up, beg for forgiveness and offer herself along with yourself up as reparations and suggest incredibly humiliating things for him to get even with your daughter with. Call her a loser and bully her while you get naked and play with yourself as you fantasize about what this classmates going to do to dominate both of you.

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MissTiff – Mommy makes you worship BBC HD 720p

Similar to “mommy loves bbc”, in this one your encouraging cuckolding and bisexual CEI for your son. Dwayne is sons bully and son doesn’t like him but you will encourage him to be nice to dwayne and submit to his bbc, watch mommy take good care of him, real bbc and real cumshot please, blowjob only, no need for penetrative sex. I don’t need nudity on your end, but please dress sexy as always Smile this will be part 1 of 2 Similar to your therapist training for bbc video

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MissTiff – Mommy likes a load on her HD 720p

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Custom for Cody- You are coming out of the shower and catch me spying on you. You decided its about time to talk to me about ‘the birds n the bees’. You see I am getting turned on by this conversation and decided to show me……. elements of blowjob, riding me, doggy style and then finishing with a facial
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MissTiff – Mummy’s little pervert HD 720p

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You are my mom who found my iPhone in the kitchen as you wanted to download some pictures from from our vacation together. When browsing my photos in camera roll you found a dirty photo of me playing with your dildos and cumming on them. You call me to your bedroom. You are sitting on your bed, iPhone in your hand. You show me the picture (pleas show the attached photo on your phone to camera) and scold me. You tell me that you are shocked that I was playing with your toys. Its is disgusting that I came all over them, because you were still using them. I am aroused by the situation and I have a hard on, even more I keep staring at your crotch, because you are getting wet. You scold me again that I am looking in your crotch. I start to rub your feet and I slowly start to massage your legs. You discourage me “What are you doing?” and try to resist, but you are aroused by it. I keep massaging you, and I start to jerk off. You scold me again, but still let me massage you and jerk off. I massage you around your pussy and suddenly rip your tights. Again you are a little bit shocked, but your are very horny. I start to rub you and spank you with my cock (please use naturally pink colored dildo), you help me jerk off, suck me a little bit and then finally let me fuck you. As I am fucking you (again please use dildo) you spit on your pussy. You tell me “This is so wrong” “You can’t fuck your mummy”.. I pull up your sweater to see your tits, I finally cum all over your pussy, belly and tits. Please cut to you with fake cum/spit all over you, lick it… and tell me to make a photo in iPhone to remember
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