Misha Mayfair

Ava Austen, Misha Mayfair – Best Birthday Ever HD 1080p

It’s my Birthday so I decide to invite my neighbours Ava Austen and Misha Mayfair who are step-mother and step-daughter. However neither of them want to come and laugh in my face at the idea of attending my Birthday. But I don’t plan on taking no for an answer so I show them my crystal which they find irresistible. Before long they are both mesmerised and I take them with me. WIth these bitches under my control it’s going to be a great Birthday. First things first, they need to get dressed, and I have them wear matching lace lingerie which they then pose in. The step-mother step-daughter duo then have to help in getting the party ready, Misha has to clean the room while Ava is sent to the kitchen to get the snacks. They then entertain me by doing haigure. I then tie up both of them up and wake them from their trances. My neighbours are very angry indeed but this is taken care of by putting the women back into a enthralled state. They are then ordered to make out which each other and use a double-sided dildo to pleasure themselves. But this is my Birthday so I take the mindless sluts to my bedroom where the real Birthday party will begin. They take turns sucking my cock. Then I remember they still haven’t wished me happy birthday, not have I blown a candle. But my two slaves will help, I insert candles in their assholes and cupcakes on their bodies. Misha and Ava sing happy birthday before I blow out the ass candles. I then have a threesome as I fuck then anally before cumming all over them. What a great Birthday but I tell my slaves the day isn’t over yet as we have more partying to do. – mother daughter fantasy threesome

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