Mina Von D

Mina Von D – Fit Spanish Stepdaughter Won’t Change Out Of Sexy Bikini HD 1080p

My new wife is originally from Spain with a college-aged daughter from her previous marriage. We invited her daughter to come over from Spain and spend the summer with us. She has grown into a stunning young woman. She did not get those big breasts from her mom. They filled out a blue string bikini she was planning to wear to the beach. Not accustomed to how europeans are, the bikini seemed too sexy for my old-man thinking, especially with the gold trim around the blue cloth that really draws attention to her slim, fit, frame. I feigned protest to my stepdaughter, while my private thoughts were more illicit. She seemed to have read my mind and teased me, licking her lips with her tongue while pressing those boobs together. She allowed me to touch them, and she touched my crotch, feeling my hardness. She promised she wouldn’t tell her mom as she got onto the floor, pulled down my pants, and put my cock between those big full lips of hers. I bent her over the bed, pulled down the bikini bottom and plowed her, gripping her butt cheeks firmly in my palms as I pushed my dick harder into her youthful pussy. The view got even better when we laid in bed and she straddled me as I watched her boobs bounce up and down in my face. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and came quickly after that, re-iterating this should be our secret.

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