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Alyssa Bradyn, Mimi Rose – Odins Step-Daughter HD 720p

From: Taboo Diaries

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Corrupter Of Earth

Legend tells us of a time long ago when Odin sat atop his throne and controlled all the realms. Judas was the step-daughter of his second wife and very adept at using her womanly wiles. One night the young goddess seduced him and while under her spell he impregnated her. Not long after, this insatiable seductress set her sites on her step-brother Thor and within a few days had him under her spell too. A few weeks went by and Odin caught his pregnant step-daughter fucking his oldest step-son in his own treasure room. Enraged Odin banishes Judas to Earth in a Brass chalice and erases Thors memories. Judas gets one chance every year to escape her prison by infecting small towns with her insatiable desires for family members until 1 unlucky female will take her place. Will Tonight Be that night?

Alyssa was having a seemingly normal day getting ready for the annual costume party when she began to feel strange. She had just brought out some old brass junk as decorations and that was the last time she was in control of her actions. She saw herself seducing her step-brother and making him cum deep in her womb sealing his fate with the curse as well.

Across town the majic of the chalice allows Judas to inhabit the body of a Ministers Virgin Step-Daughter. Once in control of her nubile body Judas uses her charms to take control of the girls own Step-Father using his seed to impregnate her. The preacher is unable to resist her majic and soon explodes deep inside her and becoming a sex drone in the process.

As the night wears on we find Alyssa in the basement her boyfriend while her girlfriend gets frisky with her step-brother. As Alyssa nears her 5th climax of the night she reaches for the chalice and its full majic is unleashed. Alyssas girlfriend appears to be resistant as Alyssas entranced hands begin to grope her step-brother. She gets up and leaves in disgust only to discover this is happening to every family in town.

As the special hour approaches Judas sex zombies gather in numbers around the chalice fornicating in a variety of ways. Judas herself is riding the ministers cock while Alyssa rides his face and they suck her step brothers cock together. Other infected people begin to gather around as the ecstasy heightens and Judas in her glory gets yet another load of sibling seed in her mouth and her hair. Will Judas triumph this year and return to her rightful place in Odins bed?
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