Micky Muffin

Micky Muffin – Stepmom Will Do Anything For A Creampie – S2:E7 HD 1080p

Jimmy Bud is jerking off his big schlong when his dad calls and lets him know that his stepmom Micky Muffin is on the way. Micky has been promised some good sex by her husband, but he’s not there yet. Jimmy overhears that his dad has promised Micky that they’re going to make a baby together tonight.

He ducks out of sight before Micky can spot him, but Micky does hear him. She tells her friend she has to go because she thinks her hubby is already there. Getting too her feet and stripping down, Micky yells out teasing comments. Jimmy and his boner sneak out of the room, but once Jimmy lays eyes on his hot stepmommy’s body he can’t help but slide her thong aide and shove it in.

Micky is having a great time until she realizes who she’s been fucking. Once the shock wears off, though, Micky agrees they should definitely keep on fucking. She wants a baby, after all, and Jimmy is full of baby batter. She sucks her own goo off the D and then gets on her knees so Jimmy can fuck her from behind again. Then she rolls to her back so Jimmy can lick her pussy before slamming back home. Their spooning sex gives way to Jimmy enjoying a cowgirl ride and then a reverse cowgirl ride. At the end, he gives Micky the creampie she’s been craving.

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Micky Muffin – Birthday footjob. All the best stepbrother! HD 1080p (2022)

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It was my stepbrother’s birthday and what do you give as a present? He likes feet so I thought a footjob would be the best present. I put on hot underwear to seduce him and his cock stood up faster than I could see. He felt so horny and hard on my soles and I couldn’t stop banging him with my feet. Are you also into footjobs?
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