Mia Evans

POV Pappy, Mia Evans – Pappy In My Pooper 4K

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Pappy In My Pooper is the stand alone sequel to Father Of The Dyke, and features a rare anal scene from star Mia Evans.

One year after Mia and her step-father had sex under the watchful eye of her lover, Mia has returned home to step-daddy. They hadn’t seen each other or spoken that whole time, and he has been distraught, thinking that their sexual tryst ruined their relationship. But it was actually Mia’s jealous girlfriend who kept her from contacting him. Now Mia has left her, and wants to carry on with the only man she has ever known sexually, dear old step-dad.

Surprisingly, he is not interested in picking up where they left off, and he refuses her advances, using accidental pregnancy as an excuse. Clever Mia convinces him that a blow job would be ok, since no one’s ever gotten pregnant from a blow job before. Step-dad is still reluctant, but gives in when Mia starts rubbing his crotch provocatively. She kneels in front of him topless with her bubble butt bursting out of her blue jeans, and sucks his dick until he shoots a big load of cum in her mouth.

The next day Mia has an even better idea. He can fuck her in the ass! No one’s ever gotten pregnant from anal before either. Once again step-dad staunchly refuses. To tempt him, Mia lies down on the couch right in front of him, and starts using toys in both her holes . After she orgasms, he fingers her ass, but then runs out of the living room before going any further. Later that night Mia sneaks into his bed and is able to finally seduce him. Step-dad takes her anal virginity, and afterwards, she even persuades him to pound her pussy. As luck would have it, her step-father’s fears are fully realized, when he accidentally cums inside her. Scoop it out Mia before you get pregnant!!!

This special episode is shot in 3rd person, for those who like to see pappy pumping his princess.
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Luna Corazon, Mia Evans, POV Pappy – Father Of The Dyke HD 1080p

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY, Threesome

After hot girl/girl sex, Mia tells her lesbian lover Luna that she really wants to try a dick, since she’s never had one before. Luna is worried that Mia will love it too much and leave her, so she refuses. Then she has an idea. Get Mia a “safe dick,” attached to someone she would never be able to date… her father! So they invite Mia’s dad over for dinner, and later when he is in dreamland on their couch, they put their plan into action. Mia gets the dicking she’s always wanted from her daddy’s dick! Then dad and daughter put a plan of their own into effect, giving Luna her first taste and feel of man cock. Starring Luna Corazon and Mia Evans. (This episode contains some 3rd person angles for those who like to see the pappy pounding his princess.)
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