Melody Parker

Melody Parker – SHE’S A BIG GIRL NOW… HD 1080p

Little Melody is home alone…her mommy and daddy and her big sister are all out shopping so all Melody has is her little teddy bear. She’s a little lonely…and a little scared. She’s been having a lot of nightmares lately about scary monsters. So when she hears a loud noise, she gets really scared and clutches her teddy bear really tight. What if it’s one of the monsters who’s going to take her away and make her do bad things? Melody opens the door hesitantly but she’s quickly relieved. It’s her sisters boyfriend, Branden! Branden isn’t a scary monster! He’s a really nice boy. He even Brings her candy! Branden is there looking for Emily, Melody’s sister. But when he sees Melody…this cute little girl…dressed in little panties…clutching her teddy bear…dripping in innocence…he forgets all about Emily. Melody has MUCH more to offer… Why? Because Branden has a problem. He has an addiction. And his addiction. Tender.. innocent…angelic young girls. The entire time he’s been dating Emily…he’s been watching her little sister Melody. Watching her play with her dolls. Sneaking glances at her in her panties…imagining how he’s going to hurt her…violate her…turn the melodies that she sings into screams…. And now…here she is…all alone…trusting…innocent. Branden offers her some candy. he watches little Melody’s eyes light up as she takes the lollipops, unwrap one, and put it in her mouth. A stirring begins in Branden’s pants as he thinks of his big hard black cock in place of the lollipop…. Soon enough. With the lollipop, Branden knows that he’s hooked her. He begins the conversation. “Come over here and chill with me for a second.” Now it’s time to unwrap this little present….
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