Melody Marks

Stepdaughter Melody Marks Dreams of Becoming a Demon Slayer – Part 1 HD 720p

Porno Dan’s cute step-daughter, Melody Marks loves to watch anime. Her favourite tv show is about slaying demons. But when Melody closes her eyes and slips into slumber while watching the episode, she started to have vivid wet dreams; fantasizing about her stepfather and her stepbrother, Matt Bird, sexually curing her from her demonic transformation.

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Kayla Paige & Melody Marks – A Dangerous Game pt. 2 HD 1080p

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The game continues! It’s time for stepbrother Mike, (Will Pounder), to initiate his stepsister Paula (Melody Marks) in he and his stepmother’s [Kayla (Paige)] game. He spies on her while she undresses and gets redressed while also stroking himself. Later he grabs her ass while she is bent over and she tells her that they are too old to be playing these games. He suggests that they play their old footsie game one last time and she agrees. They plays for high stakes, is she wins he leaves her alone and if he wins then she will be his willing slave but she teases, “the only way that will happen is if I lets you win.”

She giggles and leaves and then Mike goes and talks to Kayla about helping him beat Paula. Mike and Paula go back and forth with their game until Kayla comes in and distracts Paula so that Mike can get her. Kayla pretends that she doesn’t know what the stakes are as Paula lets her know and this leads to Kayla kissing Paula as Mike watches. Kayla then invites Mike to get comfortable on the bed as she and Paula share his cock., both taking time to suck on it. Everyone gets undressed and Paula mounts Mike in reverse cowgirl as Kayla continues to play with her. Kayla then gets her own turn in this position before Paula lies back and takes Mike in missionary. Sex includes: creampie and an additional cum shot on stomach.
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