Melody Jordan

Ivy London Lynn, Melody Jordan, Olive Glass – Fuck this Rectal Exam Im Stopping Time

Brock has come in for an exam, two new nurses are in training. As he goes through the exam at one point its time for the rectal part and at this point the girls seem to be enjoying whats about to happen. The girls have told him to relax or they will never get all their fingers in him. He deciders this isn’t going to happen and he activates his time stop device and then has his way with the girls. He un stops time and the girls have no clue as to what just happened. – robomeats

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Melody Jordan – Bad Br0ther Timestops Good S1ster

Melody is in her room reading when her br0ther, Max, comes in. He asks her how school is going, and she tells him about her classes, he asks if she is interested in any boys, and she tells him that she is nervous, and hasn’t even kissed a boy yet, he offers to teach her how and she agrees. After a couple kisses, Max leans in and grabs her boob and Melody tells him that she is not interested in that, so Max activates his timestop watch and she freezes. He plays with her and exposes her boobs, then restarts her. Melody tells him that she is not interested in going any further, and that he needs to stop, so he stops time again. He goes even further and lays her down and starts playing with her pussy, then he makes her frozen hand finger herself. Then Max opens her timestopped mouth and starts to fuck it, then lays her back down and fucks her till he cums inside of her. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Melody Jordan – Melody-Bot HD 720p


Melody Jordan, Maxwell Bhear and Alex Dorian – Mad Scientist/Robotic Engineer Dr. A. Dorian has finally finished his model of Fem-Bots. He advertised his bots in the local paper for rentals, and a customer calls to order a bot. Max, the local robot-loving horndog, decides he wants to go with a Melody-Bot, and Dr. Dorian turns her on, packs her up, and sends her on her way. Max gets his sex-bot in the mail and tests her out, he gives her orders, feeling her body, and how real she feels. He tosses some books and the floor and orders her to pick them up. Then he tells her to sit down and play with her pussy, then he feels her pussy and fingers her. He makes her crawl around on the floor. He tests her out some more, then tells her suck his dick, then he fucks her until he cums. *Explicit Sexual Content

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