Mazy Myers

Mazy Myers – Spoiled Private School Princess Collared and Trained HD 1080p

Mr. Masters is having to work late to administer detention to Mazy for her consistent bad and inappropriate behaviour. Even while supposedly being punished she just does what she wants, using her phone and when told she can’t do that she just decides to nap. After one warning she does it again so Mr Masters decides it’s time to take a more stern approach to her discipline

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Mazy Myers – Catching His Slutty Stepsister Cheating and Taking Advantage HD 1080p

Joshua catches his stepsister Mazy flirting and messing around when she is already seeing someone. She’s suck a little slut he doesn’t see why she should get left out. Except most of the time she leaves the other guys with blueballs since she is just as much of a cock tease as she is a slut. Joshua plans to take advantage and get as much use out of the leverage he has as possible

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Mazy Myers – 18 Year Old Office Girl – First Rule of Cards – All Debts Must be Paid HD 1080p

Mazy is pretty excited to learn how to play poker so she can get included with all the things the old guys do. Maybe eh can even get into her pops weekly poker game. Fortunately Michael is an old guy and he never stares at her ass when she is at her part time job at the office he works at so she knows he gets how to no be an old creep

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