Maya Bijou

Maya Bijou, Nia Nacci – Personal Assistants HD 1080p

[Strobe Warning: For the beginning of the video] Maya and Nia are finalist to be an influencer’s personal assistant. They aren’t sure what he does and come to think of it they don’t even remember applying for the position, but they just need to do one more thing to land this dream job. He says it’s an eye exam and the moment he hold up the light their minds go blank. When he lowers the light all they can think about is pleasing him to earn the position they don’t even mind working together if that’s what it takes to be his favorite.

They go and put on their new uniforms for him and come back out ready to do their duty, dropping to their knees. They trade off sucking, kissing him, and putting their firm tits in his face and wrapping them around his cock. They move to the bed so the girls can REALLY show him how well they can work together, maybe he’ll even hire them both for the the position.

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Maya Bijou – Homie’s Little Step-Sister Gets Introduced To Black Ass & Big Black Dick! HD 1080p

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So I’m out there grinding on the streets doing what I do, and I finally get the package I been waiting for! I gotta let my boy know cuz we been waitin on this forever, feel me? So I call him up so he can see this …but this muthafucka aint home. What!?!? I got to do and can’;t wait for his ass. But he tells me that his little step-sister is home, so I can come drop it off, he can look it over, and I can do my thang. Maya is his step-sister’s name…I ain’t seen her in forever! She was always a cute lil thing and I heard some stories about her…but she’s my boy’s step-sister, so I never made a move….but that don’t mean I didnt think about it.

So I get there and her fine ass ain’t wearing nothing but some panties and a short ass shirt! My dick start to get hard and I think her naughty ass sensed it, because she started flirting hard AF asking if I wanna have some fun! HELL YEAH! I ain’t gonna say no to that! I pull out my BBC and she DEVOURS it. She’s a head monster! Her throat gets wetter and wetter as I pound it, shoving my dick BALLS DEEP, bringing up all that spit! She like that tho! I want to see how freaky she really is, so i turn around to see what she gonna do to my asshole. Step-Bro. She dove RIGHT IN! Buried her pretty 19 YEAR OLD face in my black ass! She ate it like it was her last meal! And she got extra sloppy too! Spitting in it, licking it and just being a nasty little bitch! I wasn’t done with her throat yet, so I kept shoving my dick in there and her throat kept cumming; all them juices kept flowing! But she wasn’t done with my asshole, either, and she went right back to spreading my cheeks and sticking her tongue deep in there! These 19 year olds are so nasty nowadays! doesn’t make sense!

After some more good, solid gag filled face fucking, I can’t hold it anymore and bust a HUGE LOAD right in Maya’s mouth! She liked that , so much that she played with the cum afterwards, before she swallowed it. After that tho, she said I had to leave. Probably good advice since her step-brother was probably on his way home. Not trying to have no beef with him since I just face fucked his step-sister, made her eat my ass and nutted in her mouth. And guess what? I’ma do it again…

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