MassageHer – Drying Off With Mom’s Co-Worker HD 1080p

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She welcomes you in quickly. After all, you’re completely soaked from the rain. Why’d she stare at you so long? You follow her orders and go to her bedroom to dry off with a towel. After you shut the door, you see the towel. But you also see her panties. A pair is just hanging out from the drawer. You have to sniff them if only a little bit. She walks in but doesn’t seem to have caught you. She hands you the towel. She’s taken off her shirt and shorts; she’s only in her pale pink thong now. She starts kissing you. Mom’s co-worker admits she saw you smelling her panties, that seeing you like that turned her on. She makes you smell them again. You are at her mercy. You follow her to the bed where she teases you by rubbing her juices onto the thong. She makes you smell it too and throws it at you with a laugh. She’s so turned on that she has to suck your cock. She gets it nice and wet as she looks up at you. Now, she’s at your mercy. She wants your cum, so she gets on her back on the bed. She slaps her tits and dirty talks to you as your cock slides in and out of her. You start to fuck her faster. You cum inside her. She loves it. She can’t talk anymore. All she can do is moan and scream out your name. You make her cum too; and she tries to stop, clearly exhausted, clearly done. But your cock is still rock hard. You fuck her tight pussy more and give her your third and final load. You pull out and look at her creamy pussy. Mom’s co-worker isn’t done yet. She wants to taste your cum. She licks it off her fingers for you. She hopes you’ll stop by again soon.
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