Mary Jane

Shavelle Love, Mary Jane – Let’s See The Goods HD 1080p


MaX is horny and decides to browse the Lingerie Model on-demand app again. This time a pair of lovely models catches his eye. He orders the girls via the app and waits for them to arrive. While time on his tablet, he notices a new app called “Timestop”. He decides to download it. Maybe it’ll work on these sexy models…

Mary Jane and Shavelle arrive in their sexy lingerie, but to MaX’s disappointment, they have strict no touching policy and refuse his request to strip for him. He remembers the timestop app and tries it on the girls. To his delight, the girls freeze in place! He tests feeling up their tits then un-freezing them. They don’t notice a thing!

Determined to get his money’s worth, MaX goes to town on the frozen lingerie models. Exploring their exquisite bodies and sticking his hard cock into their pussies and mouths. He takes his time stripping and posing the girls, relishing in his new godlike power.

After testing the limits of his libido and imagination, MaX cums hard while plowing Shavelle from behind. He quickly and clumsily repositions and redresses the girls. After reassuming his original spot on the bed, MaX unfreezes them. Shavelle and Mary Jane blink at each other in a disoriented daze. They slowly snap out of it and assume everything has proceeded normally. They don’t suspect a thing, even with a few garments out of place! MaX waves good-bye as they leave. He thinks they deserve a big tip!
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Mary Jane in a Step Sister Never Lies HD 720p

From: Jerky Wives

Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters, Blonde, Creampie, Blowjob, Fucking

***WARNING*** Video is rated “EN” for Extremely Naughty… Mary Jane walked into her step brother’s room and she noticed he was upset…Mary asked Luke why he was so down…Luke’s girlfriend had broken up with him…Mary Jane had always had a crush on her step brother found her opportunity to take full advantage of him…Mary asked why Cory broke up with Luke and could not answer her…Mary then moved closer to look and he could feel her sexual energy rubbing off…Mary asked if Cory ever touched him like this before…He said no as Mary reached into his shorts…Luke was fully aroused and thinking less of his ex-girlfriend and more of his step-sister…Mary Jane removed her pajama bottoms and top and asked Luke if Cory ever stripped naked for him…He could not remember…The Horny Step Sister wanted her Step Bro inside of her and begged for his now rock hard cock inside…Luke did not want to get his step sis pregnant and asked if it was ok to no use protection…Mary assured Luke she was on birth control and he was safe…Luke then gently entered his sister as if he belonged in there…Mary then switched positions and road her Step Bro till he came…He filled Mary Jane’s pussy and then again asked if this was OK…Mary let her nervous brother know everything was OK and he left the room…Mary Jane rubbed her pussy as her brother’s seed dripped out of her tight pussy…A smirk then came to her face as Mary says to herself…”I am not on birth control”
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