Mandy Madison

Mandy Madison – Mom’s a Cheater HD 720p

You my son, catch me cheating on your father with another man. I spot you through the door as I’m getting fucked. I beg you not to tell your father but you insist that you will unless I suck your cock. I am so disgusted but I can’t hurt your father so I reluctantly agree. I proceed to suck your cock when you notice me start to like it. I tell you we have made it this far so we might as well fuck. What a pleasant surprise, my son has such a great feeling cock!

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Mandy Madison – You Know You Want To Touch Me Daddy JOI HD 1080p

You walk into my room while I am undressing for bed. You get super embarrassed but I tell you not to be. I notice you are getting a boner so I start to tease you and play with you. Telling you now you can’t leave my room until we do something about it. You insist on telling me it’s wrong that you are my dad. I tell you I have an idea that is appropriate. You can jerk off to me you just can’t touch me. We talk dirty to each other as we masturbate to how bad you want me as I tease you til you burst all over my pussy.

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Mandy Madison – A Teacher’s Seduction HD 1080p

You are my student who just recently started dating a girl from class. You have been spending so much time with her, leaving less attention for your teacher. I call you in to have a chat with you, I am reluctant to tell you I have a crush on you, my student. That my husband no longer pleases me in the bedroom. I tell you my idea to have you break up with your girlfriend and for me to divorce my husband. I pull your cock and show you all the reasons why it would be fun to sneak around and date eachother.

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