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This is the full and complete series called Stepmom Helps Me Deal With Side Effects, this series stars Mandi May.

Part 1
Lately at school and playing sports i noticed i was feeling tired and down all the time, my parents took me to the doctors and we found out i had super low testosterone. the doctor said he would start giving me shots to help but warned there might be some side effects. i took my first shot a few days later, my stepmom Mandi took my to the doctors and brought me back home, she had kept me home from school that day so i could rest. my dad had to work so it was jus the two of us, she was supper supportive but i decided to turn in early. the next morning i got out of bed for school with crazy morning wood. i jerked off over and over but it wouldn’t go down so i decided to go ask my stepmom Mandi what i should do. when i walked into her room she was still in bed with her eyes closed but when i went to shake her to get her up i noticed her big juicy ass was hanging out of her night shirt so i started to jerk off. right then she opened her eyes and freaked. i explained what was going on and that i was going to be late for school and i didn’t know what to do. she said she would help and with that she turned around in bed and lifted her night shirt all the way to show of her ass and and told me to jerk off again until i finished. once i had shot my load my dick went down and she told me that if that happened again should let her know then i got dressed for school.

Part 2
When i got home from school i found my stepmom Mandi waiting for me in the kitchen, she asked me how school was and i told her it was fine. i thanked her again for her help that morning but pointed out i didn’t get much rest last night because of the “side effect” but then i pointed to the bulge in my pants and said i was struggling again. i told her i was going to go into my room and try and deal with it. a couple of hours later i was laying in my bed stroking away when Mandi let herself it my room but quickly froze in her tracks. she said sorry but wanted to let me know my dinner was getting cold, i thanked her but asked her to close the door, i told her i hadn’t been able to finished and she reluctantly agreed to help me again. this time thigs were different, she took matters into her own hand and jerked me off herself, i read that these side effects last for months so i hope she can keep helping .

Part 3
My dick was rock hard at school all day so when i got home i was really needing my stepmom Mandi’s help. she was in the kitchen texting on the phone when i walked in the door. we made some small talk and then i told her i was still dealing with the side effects and i told her i could use her help. a little while later i was naked on my bed when Mandi walked in, she hoped up on the bed and asked me for the lube. i told her that when she helped me yesterday we had used up the last of the lube. she asked what she was suppose to do and in a roll of the dice i asked her if she could use her mouth. she was shocked at first then after swearing me to secrecy again she agreed and started sucking my dick. a little while later i had her topless and swallowing my load!

Part 4
We were under a hurricane warning so i knew school would be canceled so when morning came i turned off the alarm and kept my eyes closed. a little while later i felt my stepmom Mandi shaking me until i opened my eyes when i did she told me since school was canceled for the day she would help me with the side effects this morning while my dad was in the shower. i eagerly agreed and with that she dropped her robe to revealed she was complete naked. she told me she figured it would keep me excited and help me finish faster. she started sucking my dick and if I’m being honest having my sexy stepmom suck my dick while she was naked could have had me finishing fast but i held out. after a few minutes she told me i needed to hurry because my dad would be out of the shower soon, she asked what else we could do. i asked if we could have sex and after she made me promise to keep it a secret we started fucking. the side effect word off a while a go but i still tell her i need i need help with the side effects.
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