Macy Cartel

Charlee Chase, Cherry Poppins, Macy Cartel – Two mean girls blackmail a hot MILF into sucking off her stepson HD


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Mrs. Chase was kind enough to allow her neighbors daughters, Cherry and Macy, to use her pool so the two young girls could sunbath and swim. Little did Mrs. Chase know that when Cherry and Macy came into the house to grab a few towels they saw her blowing one of her neighbors! Cherry even had her camera on her and snapped a few pics! Macy and Cherry are known in high school for being very mean and cruel; however, that doesn’t stop everyone from wanting to be their friends. All of the girls want to be like them and all of the boys dream of getting with them. Macy and Cherry decide to have a little fun with this situation, for their own amusement and pleasure. The two girls devise a devious plan and then spring it into action. After Mrs. Chase is done blowing the neighbor they meet with her in the living room. They soon reveal that they saw everything and even have photos. Mrs. Chase is shocked but doesn’t quite know what the girls want. Just then the girls reveal their true intentions and tell Mrs. Chase that if she doesn’t want her husband to see the photos then she is going to have to blow her young stepson! The girls go to high school with him and think he is a complete loser and dork; they love to fuck with him on a regular basis. The girls explain that just a few minutes ago they went into his bedroom and told him that they were going to blow him, the little nerd even believed it. They then tell Mrs. Chase that they are going to go back in there and get his cock nice and hard and then blindfold him. Once he’s blindfolded they will come and get her and she will suck her stepson’s cock! She is completely shocked and devastated, but she has to do it or else her husband will see the photos of her sucking off the neighbor. The two girls laugh and walk off into the room where the stupid naive boy is waiting for his blowjob. The girls come in and begin to tease the poor little boy with their hot little bodies. They even take his cock out and start to beat him off. The young adolescent boy has a rock hard cock in a matter of seconds. When the boy asks the girls to start sucking they pull out a blindfold and tell him the only way he’s getting his dick sucked is if he wears the blindfold, he reluctantly gives in and allows Cherry to put the blindfold on him. As soon as the boy is blindfolded Macy brings Mrs. Chase in so she can suck off her Stepson. Mrs. Chase drops to her knees with much hesitation grips her sons cock, and starts to suck. The girls are completely amused as they giggle and laugh! They put their hands on the back of Mrs. Chase’s head and her down on her stepson’s cock. The whole time she is sucking the girls mock her and giggle, you can really tell these girls are enjoying every second of this. The boy actually thinks that Cherry and Macy are blowing him when in reality it’s his stepmom!!!! When it comes time for the young boy to shoot his load, Cherry takes the boys cock and jacks it off right in front of Mrs. Chase’s face until the boy blows his spunk all over his stepmother’s face! The girls giggle and then give each other a high five. The girls instruct the boy to leave the blindfold on until they have left the room. Mrs. Chase, Cherry, and Macy all leave the room, leaving the boy lying on the bed, blind folded and drained, his cock still throbbing and coated with his own cum. In his mind this is the best day of his life; however, Mrs. Chase will have to live with the fact that she blew her stepson and will never forget the taste of his salty cum.
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Macy Cartel – Caught Staring At Cheating Step-Mom Having Sex With Co Worker Footjob HD 1080p

From: Bratty Babes Own You

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Macy has brought home one of her co workers back from the office and decides to have a little have a little fun while her husbands away. Macy thinks her stepson is at school so begins to fuck him on the sofa. Macy’s co worker is a bit reluctant but she assures her co worker no one is there. Macy’s co worker rips open her pantyhose and begins to fuck her like a mad man. Macy begins to get bored with her co workers lack of passion and begins to look around the room waiting for him to finish. As Macy looks around she notices her step-son staring at her feet touching his cock. Macy is at first shocked and is hoping he doesn’t tell his step-dad about her work break sex. Macy can see he is not leaving and his cock is rock hard. Macy begins to tease with her feet as her co worker plows her. Macy’s co workers lets out a huge moan as he cums inside her. Macy’s co worker is now exhausted and ask if he can take a nap. Macy tells him sure and he goes to rest on the sofa. Macy says she is going to clean up but instead motions for her step son to come over. Macy has her step son take out his cock and tells him to be quiet. Macy is actually getting turned on by this but also it assures her her stepson will stay quiet. Macy strokes her step sons cock with her feet until he covers her feet with his stick cum with her co worker completely unaware. Macy tells her step-son to be quiet as she shoes him away.
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