Lynn Vega

Alix Lynx, Lynn Vega – Enslaved by the Evil Alchemist XXX

From: Primal’s Savage Tales

The evil Alchemist has been using his potions to reek havoc. Lethal Lynn has gotten the upper hand on him in his lair, but he uses his petrifying powder to freeze her in her tracks. He poses and gropes her gorgeous body before having more fun with his orgasm oil.

Alix the great has come after the alchemist and her missing ally Lethal Lynn. She finds Lynn in the clothes of a harem girl, dancing sensually but seeming exhausted. The alchemist gave her a magic potion to make her unable to stop moving her body, and making her painfully full of lust as well. Alix is so distracted she never sees the Alchemist or his knock out powder coming.

Now Alix is chained and, under the influence of the Alchemist’s potions, Lynn takes part in violating her friend. The Alchemist and Lynn take turns licking and fingering Alix to orgasm after orgasm

Alix is helpless, weakened by evil potions and Lynn is totally giving in to the Alchemists control. Alix is over and over, even given a lethal potion and then having to lick the antidote of of Lynn’s dripping pussy. Even the strap on Lynn uses has a potion to sensitize and shrink poor Alix’s pussy so she feels like she is being split in half. All this just to ready her for a merciless fucking by the Alchemist.

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