Lynda Leigh

Lynda Leigh – TABOO FANTASY FUCK HD 1080p

Get ready to be dominated by your stunning step mum. She’s giving out the instructions, and you have to listen. Lynda wants you close to her pussy, and she’s got a big treat for you. Using a dildo, Lynda will act out everything she wants you to do to her. Which includes seeing her pussy up close and then watching Lynda tease it with her dildo before fucking her tight pussy. Those fantastic tits are also used to wank off your cock, and you get to finish with Lynda in this very naughty pussy play taboo fantasy.

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Lynda thought she was home alone and took advantage of the empty house to fuck her pussy with a dildo. Just as she’s starting to enjoy it, her stepbrother walks in and catches her in the act. Lynda is surprised and stops, but secretly she fancied him. He can’t take his eyes off her, and Lynda takes her chance to ask him if he wants to watch. He agrees, and Lynda wastes no time in starting to fuck her wet pussy. You get a great view of Lynda’s pussy when she spreads her legs. You’re asked how the view is and to get your cock out and wank it. She’s fantasising about your cock throughout and cannot wait for you to try and finish together. Get ready to join a horny Lynda that’s ready for some fun.

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Lynda Leigh – Taboo Spying HD 1080p

Lynda has caught you spying, and she knows that you fancy her. Being your step mum, she knows that you jerk off while spying on her, and Lynda has a perfect remedy. You’re going to be teased and get a lot of pleasure because you are allowed to wank your cock. Lynda sits on the bed and gets those big tits out to tease you. She wants you to start wanking your cock and gives you some encouragement. Next, you get to watch her slowly bounce up and down. Lynda is enjoying herself, telling you exactly what to do to ensure you shoot your load for her. Get ready to join a very horny Lynda.

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