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Lux Orchid – Mommy Says Good Morning – Modern Taboo Family HD 1080p

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After Mommy had given him a special goodnight kiss on his cock Johnny woke up wanting more. When his Mom came in to wake him up for school she noticed he was sporting some hard morning wood! “I thought I took care of that night night! Well I guess I am going to have to take care of that more thoroughly” Mommy Says. She removes the blanket to find her little boy has an even bigger cock then she remembered! Mommy starts to suck his hard cock while Johnny closes his eyes and remembers what his Mom had told him last night. She told him how she makes his little sister cum before she goes to bed. Mommy fingers her tight pussy so one day her older Brother will be able to fuck her. After sucking his cock Mom tells him it was time to know what a pussy feels like. She teases his cock on her Mommy cunt. She slowly puts him inside of her and rides him. Mommy tells him he is going to learn how to properly fuck a woman. She gets on her back and has him fuck her and then has him do her doggy style which her loved! They go at it in a few more different positions before Johnny cums all over Mommy’s butt. She asks her little man to feed her his yummy boy cum. She licks up every drop! Mommy thanks her son for fucking her so well and he going to wake up with her pussy on his cock every morning now!
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Lux Orchid – Mommy Is A Street Walking Whore – Modern Taboo Family – HD 1080p

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Harlo and his mom were experiencing difficult times. Dad the gambling Tipsy that he was had cleared out the bank accounts and lost the Lake House in a game of poker with some thugs. The seedy one bedroom apartment in the city was far from what mom and Harlo were used to, but mom was a resourceful woman and although they didnt have much; she made sure they were taken care of. She crept in as quietly as she could and went for a beer that was still half full on the nightstand. Harlo woke up to see her sitting at the foot of the bed, drinking; he hated seeing her like this. Mom didnt want to talk about her night but Harlo was persistent and he knew that she had no one else to confide in. Eventually she caved and told him everything, the gentleman trick gone wrong. She was used by 20-30 men in what she thought would be a lucrative night just to be thrown out, covered in jizz and $4.00 dollars richer, Harlo was furious! Mom, let me get a job please he begged. Hes been telling her this often but despite his pleas, she always resists; he must study, he had made it this far and college was ultimately to be their savior but it was not without a cost. Harlos cock was rock hard at the thought of her on all fours, fucking and sucking like the goddess that she was and all of the rage that he felt towards the men whod used her somehow aroused him as well. Mom loved the rain; she pointed it out to her son before noticing his excitement. She was exhausted but offered him a bj; he was still her number one priority after all. After some good face fucking he ordered her to get up and bend over for him, she did. Please, be easy! she cried out, her holes were sore still from the pounding shed received just hours earlier. The more she complained about her pain, the more he found himself wanting to be rough with her; she could be a whore for these strangers! She was HIS whore. He flipped her over, pulled her legs up and fucked her cunt so hard that she was begging for him to cum, and he did right on her pussy, the pussy that belonged to him. Mom was grateful as always fingering his sweet love juice into her fuck hole she was ready for a nap. Get back to work now! Harlo snapped at her. I thought Id rest a little she replied. NO, go work we need the money he said with anger in his tone. You are the man of the house. Mom said as she got up, hiked her skirt back down with cum dripping out of her pussy and headed out for another long day of hooking.
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