Luna Lou

Luna Lou / Luna_Lou – Stepbro keep fucking me!!! When the parents leave, does the stepbro COME?!!? HD 1080p

Hey my dear ^^ The holidays are finally here. My stepbrother and I had the apartment to ourselves as our parents went on vacation. Accordingly, we were pretty bored… So I just paid my stepbro a little visit in the bedroom Wink) When I asked him if we wanted to do something, he acted completely innocent and thought that I meant going for a walk with him go or something;)) But who knows me knows that I didn’t mean it. But he checked it when I stood shirtless in front of him and came closer and closer to his cock with my face Wink) After a hot BJ I just lay down on the bed and let him fuck me ^^ At the end I have his hard one Cock then ridden nicely with my tight pussy until it came on my ample ass Wink) Would you like to cum on my ass or rather on my tits Wink) Love and kisses :** Your Luna ^^

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Luna Lou / Luna_Lou – Creampie from your own stepbrother?!? I’m stuck and he’s stuck in!!! HD 1080p

Hey my dear ^^ I was the first of us to be home today and, as always, gave my beloved stepbrother a warm welcome when he came back from his late shift ) I told him that he could rest, I just had to Empty the dishwasher and then I would come to him. Well, unfortunately I somehow managed to get stuck in the dishwasher so stupidly that I couldn’t get out ) So I called for help. He was there immediately and stood behind me. He tried shaking first, and then pulling. He accidentally pulled my panties down… and suddenly I felt something hard on my pussy… and then suddenly IN ME?!? He just used this situation to fuck me from behind ^^ And after a few minutes doggy style I was free. But I couldn’t leave him there like that, he just had to come ) So as a reward he was allowed to fuck me as a missionary on the kitchenette. And that’s when it happened, he squirted his whole load into my pussy. What a horny creampie;)) Our parents must never know! Much love and kisses :** Your Luna

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Luna Lou / Luna_Lou – A hard cock after a hard day?!? Fucked senseless by stepbrother?? HD 1080p

Hey my dear ^^ This weekend we had an inventory at work. That means I even have to work on weekends. That was really quite stupid and damn hard. All day long I could only think about how much hotter it would be if I was in the cam and having fun with you. So my head was spinning all day just about one thing

On the way home I got so horny that I thought about seducing my stepbrother. When I walked in the door, he was just lying there in bed, just in his pajama bottoms. I couldn’t resist any longer. I told him how incredibly hard my day was… and that his hard cock would definitely make it better ^^ When I finally got my stepbrother’s hard cock in my fingers and in my mouth, he fucked me so incredibly horny that I even clearly audible;) I came in the middle of the video;)) After this fuck, the inventory was quickly forgotten ^^ I hope you liked my little video;) Love and kisses:* Your Luna

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