Luna Legend

Luna Legend – Stepsis Gotta Have It BIG!! HD 1080p

Luna Legend is a size queen and a pink-haired mean teen. Her boyfriend hasn’t been able to make her cum in months so she is hunting for some side-dick when she spies one in the most unexpected of places – on her stepbrother, Chris Lockwood. That pervert is jerking it in the bathroom when Luna gets a gander of his goods – all of sudden her stepbrother had a different shine to him. She couldn’t get his thick member out of her dirty mind. Luna touched herself thinking about her stepbrother’s fatty, but it wasn’t enough. She needed the real thing. After she took a sexy shower, she approached Chris and dropped her towel. She told him her boyfriend couldn’t make her cum and she wanted his big dick to do the job. She promised she wouldn’t tell anyone. Luna eagerly took her stepbrother’s big one out and sucked, jerked & worshipped it. Chris ate his stepsister’s already dripping pussy before entering her. Luna was ecstatic about finally being stuffed by a big cock again as her stepbro drilled her. She came hard as she twerked her amazing ass. Once Luna had extracted all the fun she could from her stepbrother’s long dong, she drained his balls all over her pretty face!

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Luna Legend – Alternative Options HD 1080p (2023)

It’s not the first time Luna Legend & her stepfather Filthy Rich have fooled around together. And if she has it her way, it won’t be the last either. Rich doesn’t like it when Luna talks about what they did together the other night, but when Luna says she made something for her stepdad, he can’t help but have his curiosity piqued. Luna shows him a video of herself in the bathroom that Rich shares with her mother! Luna lifts up her top to show off her pierced titties and sexy little body. Rich is taken aback when he watches his stepdaughter suck on her mother’s sex toy, a big dildo! Luna backs up on it and grinds her tight pussy all over it as it penetrates her. Rich can’t help but be turned on by his stepdaughter, Luna sees his bulge & strokes it as she urges him to take it out. Rich buries his face in his stepdaughter’s shaved pussy before she returns the favor and sucks his fat cock. Luna twerks all over her stepfather’s thick dick as it stretches her out. Rich slams Luna’s clinging pussy to multiple orgasms as she talks dirty to him. She begs her stepfather to cum, so Rich nuts right in Luna’s eager mouth!

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