Ludella Hahn

Ludella Hahn – Ass Investment: Smothering Step-Brother For All His Credit Cards HD 720p

From: Nessie the Bully Girl

Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters

So, I’m going out tonight and I have no cash and nothing to wear, which means it’s time to hit up the bank (aka My Step-Brother). Haha. He has like an addiction to my ass, so it’s kind of my way to get anything out of him. He tells me he lost all his cash at the casino last night, but he does have credit cards…which is even better with those high limits! So, sweet! He doesn’t give in right away, so it’s time to show him my ASSets. Wink

I lift my skirt and wiggle my butt till he gives in and hands over a card. He just can’t resist my juicy ass. Unfortunately this card has only a $100 limit. Lame! I lay his pretty little head down and decide to work my magic from another angle…on his face! I twerk and wiggle my ass all over his face and he hands over card after card after card just to spend more time beneath me. Works like a charm! BUT…once I get his last card (now having about 20k to spend), I tell him that I actually have to put him to rest… I’m kind of grounded and don’t want him blabbing to Step-Mom before I leave the house. Haha. Time to shop till I DROP…my big ass on your face! Razz
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Ludella Hahn – Remote Controlled Vacation – Nerdy Stepsister Obeys Your Every Command – Nerdy to Dirty Taboo Magic Control HD 1080p (2022)

From: Ludella Hahns Fetish Adventures

Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters, EMBARRASSMENT, MAGIC CONTROL, BIMBOFICATION, FEMALE TRAINING, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS

You can’t believe it. Your stepsister is such a NERD that she brought her homework on vacation. Who DOES that? Of course she flaunts it in your face how great of a student she is with her straight A average and calls you a loser for failing your courses. She really needs to loosen up a bit. Good thing you recently acquired that reality remote control app. You want to see this curvy, uptight nerd come undone…

You open up the app and enter the command to make her tits bigger. And as soon as you hit the “execute command” button on the app, they inflate a cup size. She seems to feel the increased weight or the sensation of growth because she looks down at her tits, confused. She tries to discreetly feel them up, giving them a squeeze, and then she sighs, “The sun’s getting to me…” and goes back to her homework.

You enter the next command to make her play with her tits. She drops her homework and begins to grope and squeeze her big boobies. It takes her a minute to realize she’s doing it and when she does, she freaks. GASP! “What the–” She notices you watching her. “I’m NOT doing this, okay? I know it looks like I’m touching my boobs, but it’s like something making me do it. I’m NOT doing this for your viewing pleasure… Oh my gosh! What the? Stop looking at them!” <br.

As she bounces her big titties up and down, groping and squeezing them up close to you, she’s becoming increasingly frustrated, trying to explain to you that she’s not TRYING to touch herself–something’s making her. She’s so embarrassed, especially since you keep messing with her about how she’s coming onto you, which makes her even more frustrated about her predicament because you’re her stepbrother and other people are on this beach with you. She’s so HUMILIATED! (And an added bonus…all her boob groping has exposed the fact that she wore push-up pads in her swimsuit to the beach with you…which she embarrassedly tucks away when she notices. Maybe she’s been secretly into you after all…)

Next, you make her take off her glasses and make kissy faces. Her body obeys as soon as you press the button. She puckers and moans with each kissy face she makes, squeezing her cleavage together. She’s even less successful at resisting this command, barely able to get a word in as she continues to moan and kiss repeatedly. She eventually lifts her hands up to hide her face as she continues to kiss, so you enter in the next command: to do a sexy dance.

Gasp! “Now what’s happening?” She wonders aloud as she starts to gyrate and grind in front of you. “It’s like someone else is controlling my body… I’m not doing this for your viewing pleasure or anything….WHAT?” You confess that you’re behind all these commands thanks to a reality controller app. “YOU’RE making me do this with an app? How have I not heard about this within the scientific community?” She asks as she shakes her ass round and round. “And YOU of all people have control of this thing? Oh, this is DANGEROUS! People like YOU should NOT be able to control reality! You need to stop making me degrade myself like this! STOP THIS right now!”

She continues to berate you as she sways her hips sensually, so you decide to use the app to put her on MUTE. When she tries to talk, no words come out. Of course, she’s freaking out more now that she can’t use her nerdy words to try to get her out of this. All she can do is dance sensually for you in SILENCE. There. That’s better…

Although her expressions still give away how she’s feeling: angry, embarrassed, humiliated, shocked. She keeps swaying her hips. Then she drops down to the ground with a look of fury as she crawls toward you, and FREEZE. You stop her in her tracks with the push of a button, like stopping time. She frozen in place on her hands and knees with her mouth open wide. How provocative. BEEP. She continues on as if nothing has happened. She’s not even aware of the freeze. She just keeps dancing and shaking her ass, even pulling up her swimsuit bottoms into a wedgie before jiggling her big curvy ass in your face.

You keep playing with the FREEZE/DANCE commands, trying to freeze her in provocative poses particularly as she continues to bump and grind for you. She’s so humiliated that she’s being made to do this on a beach with other people around. She keeps miming her expressions to you, so you give her the ability to speak again. Sort of. You command her to “OOOo OOoo! Ahhh Ahhh!” in a primal animalistic way as she hops around on the beach, swinging her arms and scratching her head. Your uptight nerdy stepsis being made to act bananas is hilarious, but you want to get back to making her act like a slut, so you enter the next command: talk dirty.

The things that come out of her mouth…oh my goodness! You never thought you would ever hear her say things like that, and you can’t help but to feel a stiffening in your swim trunks. She tries to fight it, but she keeps going back into a breathy sexy voice as she tells you naughty things, even feeling between her legs and telling you how wet you make her and how she wants to get it on right there on the beach, “…with my nerdy, dirty, curvy body!” She moans out, slapping her big juicy ass. “I’m so horny!” She moans.

Then she breaks out of it and freaks out. “Stop this at once! It’s super degrading, number one, and other people are around and also…you’re my stepbrother…so…cut it out! Give me your phone!” She tries to grab it from you, but you’ve already entered the next command. BEEP.

She falls back onto her knees in a slave position and her arms go out in front of her like a zombie. “You are Master. I must obey. I am…your horny…BIMBO…SLAVE…no I am not!” She can’t believe the words coming out of her mouth, but she can’t stop them either. She just keeps repeating the mantra as she paces around on the sand, trying to resist, but unable to. It’s fun watching her struggle…Miss GoodyTwoShoes being made to do and say such naughty things.

And then you think, why not just make her into your bimbo slave for real? Instead of just controlling her body, why not control her mind, too? So you enter the command to have her brainwashed into being your horny bimbo slave. And with the push of a button, she is.

“Books? What are books? My brain is SO DUMB! All I think about is how much I want your cock inside of me. I’m nothing but a horny bimbo. I just think about sex all the time! That’s all I exist for… I just want to please you, Master…” She says in a breathy bimbo voice while she sensually writhes around in front of you. “So, Master…please take me now? I don’t want to wait another second…” She breathes. She shakes her big butt and crawls over to a nearby rock, talking about how wet and ready she is for you. Vacation’s really are a great RELEASE… Wink
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Ludella Hahn – Remote Contolled Stepmom: Stepson uses reality control app to humiliate his bitchy stepmom with wardrobe malfunctions, wedgies, flirting, & farting HD 720p

From: Ludella Hahns Fetish Adventures

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, step mother, step mommy, step son, Redhead, Busty / Big tits, POV, EMBARRASSMENT, MAGIC CONTROL, HUMOR, EMBARRASSED NAKED FEMALE.

Clip Includes: POV, Magic Control, Stepson uses Reality Controller App to Embarrass & Humiliate his Bitchy Stepmom, Humor, Embarrassment, ENF, Wedgies, Pants Falling Down, Farting, Robe Untying, Boobs Popping Out of Bikini Top, Made to Flirt with Stepson, Taboo, Big Tits, Closeups, Comedy, Humiliation, Redhead, Ludella Hahn, Contains TOPLESS NUDITY

POV is toying with his new Reality Controller App on his phone…and decides to use it on his bitchy stepmom during her morning breakfast. She’s mostly ignoring him while eating her toast and reading the newspaper, but eventually she asks when his step-dad will be home. She mumbles under her breath that she hates playing babysitter…and that’s when POV decides to begin humiliating her.

First, he uses the controller to untie her bathrobe, exposing her big tits in her lacy lingerie. She doesn’t notice at first, but when she does, she quickly pulls the paper to cover herself. “You didn’t see anything, did you?” She accuses. She reties herself and continues to read, but POV makes it happen a few more times. “Ugh. What’s wrong with this robe. I’m going to go change.” POV enters the next command for her to change into a bikini without realizing it. She thinks she’s putting on something more modest, but really she’s revealing more than before.

Then POV makes her BIG TITS pop out of her bikini top a few times. Again, she doesn’t notice right away, but she’s utterly humiliated once she does, trying to cover herself quickly. She’s embarrassed about her stepson seeing her boobs, and keeps asking him if he saw anything. She’s about to ask him if he wants any breakfast, but he enters a command for her to flirt with him. “Want to play with my tits, big boy?” She asks seductively, putting her huge tits right in his face while she squeezes them together and caresses herself a few times. But then she backs away with a look of shock when she realizes what she was doing. “I mean, do…you…want…anything for breakfast?”

She quickly walks to the refrigerator to fetch something off the bottom shelf, and when she bends down with her big butt in his face, POV wants to see more, so he gives her a PERMANENT WEDGIE. She jumps up and claps at her butt, trying to unwedge her bikini bottom, but after a bit of struggling, she embarrassedly runs off to her room to put something with more coverage on.

“This should work,” she says, pulling on a pair of baggy sweatpants. Her wedgie is still visible above the pants when she returns, and POV decides to have some more fun humiliating her by making her pants fall down again and again…and to put the icing on the cake, he uses the controller app to make her fart everytime she bends over to pull her pants back up. HOW HUMILIATING! She runs away in horror but he makes her fart again. What other things can he make happen to his humiliated stepmom before his step-dad gets home? What would you do with the app?
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