Lucy Marie

Lucy Marie – Lucy made to swallow mean Brother’s cum HD 720p

Young Lucy Marie is fingering herself in her bedroom, she thinks she has the entire house to herself, so she enjoys some time to herself exploring her pussy…suddenly she notices her brother is watching through the open door.. The poor girl is horrified and didn’t realise he came home from college early, he has her recorded on his mobile phone. Lucy begs him not to show anyone, but he threatens to show all her school friends and wont even be swayed by money, she knows he is serious. The only thing that will make him destroy the video is if she rubs her titties for him and sucks his cock. Lucy hesitantly agrees and starts to suck his cock as enthusiastically as she can, hoping that he keeps to his word. Half way through sucking him, he announces he is going to cum in her mouth and she must swallow it, this is all new to her and she looks shocked and disgusted. However Lucy knows she has to please her brother otherwise she will never live down the embarrassment, so she sucks him off and swallows every last drop! but the look on her face as she swallows her own Brother’s cum is one you will never forget

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