LongHairLuna – Christian Family Orgy Part 1

You are caught by mommy masturbating before church. She gives you the usual comebacks, that this is the devils urges, that you will get hairy palms, they will be an embarrassment to the church. The next day, after your church group meeting, they urge you to apologise to mommy, but when you walk into mommy’s room she too is masturbating, hypocrisy! She says in order to keep this quiet you can help eachother whenever you need help with your sins, and fuck. Its not wrong, sex before marriage is, but this is family bonding. You dont need to tell anyone what you saw son. Little do you know, daughter/lil sis is on her way up the stairs and is about to walk in on you and mommy. What happens next? Watch part 2 to find out.

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