Lolly Lips

Lolly Lips – Sharing a Roof with Lolly Lips HD 1080p

Sharing a flat with my stepsister Lolly is a sticky situation for the both of us. She is playful and when she wakes me up in the morning, I can’t hide my hardon from her… And other times I find her using a vibrator… how embarrassing! Something has to change, we have to do something about the sexual tention in the apartment… We both know that we have to relieve some sexual energy… And that’s exactly what we are going to do today!

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My demure stepsister had a strange request for me… She was almost to shy to tell me. None of her friends are virgins anymore, and they all make fun of her because she is, of course. She would like me to help her out, if you know what I mean… What a diligent stepbrother to do? Especially when his stepsister is a petite brunette with a faultless body, beautiful legs and tits you just want to suck on… Well, you’ll help her out of course and take her virginity!

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